Multipick ELITE Practice Locks

Simple learning of different manipulation techniques.

Our training Cylinders are fully functional and enable an effective training of different lock picking kinds.

Whether it is hand picking , with the use of an eclectic pick or with our Multipick System; neither book nor video – as good as they may be- brings more and faster training success than the use of our original branded Training cylinder from a well-known German manufacturer with high security standards.

Beside the current opening techniques, the cylinders are also recommendable for training into the Impression techniques; blank keys available on demand. All processes within the cylinder can be visually observed. All pins of the cylinder are visible. This is the perfect present for friends of fine mechanic.

Our training cylinders are first class brand products. Each cylinder is unique and carefully made by hand. It is fully functional and delivered with a fitting key.

Due to high demands from our customer, we also offer training cylinders for beginner. These have an easier lock code, which means slighter differences of length between the different pins. Furthermore we did not include mushroom pins

We recommend for beginners to purchase a beginner training cylinder and a pin exchange set, to increase the difficulty step by step.

Pin Exchange set for Training cylinder.

Are you already opening the training cylinder without any problems?

Very good! You can simply change the combination within seconds! Thanks to the headless screws as plugs and the included Allen key, the pin exchange of the cylinder is easier than ever.

This enables multiple variations and very realistic Lock picking training with any desired level of difficulty.

According to our experiences, there is no way to learn lock picking more effectively than with our training cylinders. In combination with the Centurion you are perfectly equipped for professional training with style.

Prod.Nr. FEDER-SET-1
gross € 8,00
net € 6,72
Prod.Nr. FEDER-SET-2
gross € 5,99
net € 5,03
Prod.Nr. FEDER-SET-3
gross € 16,99
net € 14,28