Drills & Milling Burrs

Whether milling cutters, burs, special milling drills, powerful safe and vault drills, coated universal drills or diamond drills - our tool range includes every locksmith's standard tools and wear-resistant special tools or tungsten carbide drills for opening safes and deposit boxes. Our complex range of accessories completes what we offer. These include the door spy-hole drills and diamond circular blades, grinding discs, and special drilling and milling templates.

Multipick offers intelligent solutions for every locksmith professional, for examples, high-quality milling cutters and burrs for making laser and dimple keys. But Abloy Protec burs and tubular lock cutters for drilling of lock cylinders are within our standard range.

Our many years of experience in the field of door opening and security technology have allowed us to adapt our variety of tools in a wide range of applications. The specially adapted drills and cutters for locksmiths are high-quality carbide tools. They guarantee a long service life, high durability, clean and precise cut, milled and drilled edges. For drilling and milling of lock cylinders, V2A and V4A stainless steel and special alloys, we recommend our customers special cobalt drills with split point.

With our detailed and easy to understand training DVD you will systematically get insights into effective drilling and milling.