Multipick ELITE Centurion

Fuctional in the most beautiful form.

Stylish, unique and functional – all this perfectly describes the Centurion.

The time of functional tools and technical help products without appealing design is over. With this totally new base of German production, Multipick breaks into a new era of functional product design. An esthetical demonstration unit on your desk, capturing every eye – one could say too good to be used in the workshop.


The Centurion series is a limited edition product of the ©Multipick brand and is produced in extravagant handwork out of high quality Aluminium (EN: AW-7075), which is also used in aviation and space travel. Each unit can be engraved individually on demand.

All models are equipped with rubber mats (bottom end) for stable standing in the work station. Looking for cutting, pointy edges? – You’re looking in vain. The final refinement of the surface - diverse colours on demand – makes of the high-tech cylinder holder a true highlight, difficult not to admire.

Its ergonomic form enables working over a longer period of time, without tiring or getting back aches. The cylinder is easily stabilized with the screw on the top.

Working can be so much fun.

Centurion – The state of the modern art of lock picking – Made in Germany.