Key Copier Quick Key Easy Pro

Ideal for janitors, emergency services and anyone who needs to copy a key quickly and easily.

The Quick-Key Easy Pro is definitely one of our TOP products. There’s nothing better on the market when it comes to making a duplicate copy of a key quickly and precisely. Lost your house keys or car keys? Key bent or broken? No problem. Why wait until it's too late? The Quick-Key Easy Pro is the ultimate backup copy tool and allows you to act quickly in emergencies by deploying the backup key when the original key has been lost. The Quick-Key Easy Pro is a low-cost solution that enables you to make many types of expensive special keys.

The produced duplicate key is of course not as stable as a steel key cut by a locksmith. It is mainly suitable to be used as an emergency key or serve as a template for the production of a suitable steel key by a locksmith. However, with a simple trick even stiff locks can be opened and closed safely and permanently.

The Quick-Key Easy Pro is not a toy; it is a professional solution that is used internationally by police departments and emergency services.