Safe & Vault Opening Tools for Locksmiths

Safe and vault opening tools

Safes differ not only in their size and construction but also in the manner in which they are locked and/or bolted. Nowadays, in addition to mechanisms which lock mechanically, one increasingly finds safes with electronic locks, such as the combination lock. Each safe opening is therefore a new challenge for the safe technicians. It is only with solid expert knowledge and by using the right tools that safes can be opened without damaging them badly.

Multipick offers an extensive range of special tools for all safe opening technicians. For non-destructive safe opening, we have opening tools, such as the Hobbs safe picks. The frequently poorly installed Chubb locks can in particular be deliberately manipulated.

For the purposes of mechanical opening, especially for safes, we offer powerful magnetic drill stands, drill machines, and special drill guides. Safe drills and thermal lances complete our range of products for opening safes and vaults.