Multipick ARES Opening System

The Multipick ARES Opening System changes just about everything.


The game changer for your business.


Up until now, you had to carry different tools for various dimple pin locks or disc detainer locks along with you. Firstly, this was very tedious, having to carry as many tools as possible with you at all times, and secondly, it was extremely costly.


Most of the time, you need several tools, as you will find many different types of locks when you are on site with customers. This means that you will need to open a few locks before you can recoup the investment of these tools.


Now, we have solved this problem in a typical Multipick way. Here you can choose from four different sets for the perfect, time-saving and inexpensive opening of dimple cylinder locks and/or disc detainer locks. Our Multipick ARES Opening System is designed in a modular way and therefore offers a very wide opening spectrum.  It gives you flexibility at the front door and allows you to quickly adjust the required tools to the corresponding lock or cylinder.


Always the right tool at hand.


With the Multipick ARES Opening System, you have all the options to build your perfect tool for opening disc detainer locks or dimple pin tumbler locks. Another good reason for our opening system is that we are already working on further add-ons, such as for opening safes and 16 new variants for dimple cylinders.


This is just the beginning, look forward to many more possibilities for opening cylinders and locks.


The Multipick ARES Opening System is also manufactured exclusively by hand here in Bonn. We attach great value to domestic production and our high standards, which we claim and implement for all our tools. It is not for nothing that we say Made in Germany, Made in Bonn.


Using the included hex keys, the corresponding screws can be loosened, and the modification can be carried out easily by simply changing the components.


So why use so many tools when one is enough? Convince yourself of the performance of our ARES. A single opening tool, more possibilities:


  • Less tools in the case
  • Expandable to different locking systems
  • High cost-effectiveness due to modular design
  • Simple opening of locks and cylinders
  • Many possibilities of use by swapping the attachments
  • Attachments for further locking systems are planned
  • Developed and built by the market leader in collaboration with CaptainHookNumber1
  • Made in Germany, Made in Bonn


You will find numerous individual components and accessories for the Multipick ARES Opening System here.


Here you can find the instruction manual.


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