Help / FAQ

1. Who can order?

Principally, every responsible person can order our products for legal purposes.

There are no legal restrictions on the sale/purchase of locksmith tools in Germany. The only precondition is that the customer must be 18 years of age or above.

If you order from another country please contact your local authorities. The corresponding national laws apply.

Given the nature of the products, Multipick decided to take some security measures, though, in order to avoid the sale of “dangerous“ tools to individuals with questionable intentions.

We delivery our tools to foreign countries without investigating the local legal situation. The customer is fully responsible for verifying whether his purchase/import of our tools is legal according to the corresponding national law. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.


Manipulative, non-destructive tools as well as literature videos and other products are freely available. Multipick reserves the right to decline orders without mentioning motives. If the declined order has already been paid for, the paid amount will be refunded without substractions.

2. How & why should I create a customer account?

How: To start the registration process, first click the "My Account" link at the right upper corner of your browser. Under "I AM A NEW CUSTOMER" click on the button "REGISTER". Fill in all the required fields and choose a password of your choice (Minimum 5 characters). Your password should be something you can easily remember, because you will need it later to login to your account together with your E-Mail address.

Why: By creating an account you are able to check the status of an online order, track & trace your goods with the UPS tracking number, to view and modify your billing, shipping addresses & to view your history of purchases that you have made with us.

3. The order number I received, is it also my customer number?

No. You will receive your Multipick customer number after your first order has been processed. You will find it at the top-right on the delivery slip and on the invoice .(in German Kunden Nr.:).

4. Can I make changes to an already placed online order?

Yes, it is possible to make changes as long as the order has not been dispatched. Please contact us by Email or phone as quickly as possible.

5. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Advance Payments, Credit Cards (Visa, Master), Debit cards (Visa Electron, Postepay, Carte Dankort, Servired, Carte Bleue, Maestro), Paypal (Only with valid PayPal account!) and Western Union, and Money Orders, C.O.D, (cash on delivery - only for existing customers) and Payment on Invoice (only large registered companies, Governmental Agencies etc.)

Advance Payments: You will receive the necessary bank particulars for the transaction in the order confirmation Email. Please take care that all bank charges have been paid for. And the goods will be dispatched as soon as our account has been credited.

Credit Cards: Due to the increase in credit card frauds, we reserve the right to deliver only to the cardholders billing address and if necessary also to contact you for further inquiries.

PayPal: We can only ship to the address the PayPal payment was made from. If you used a Credit Card for the payment please refer to Credit Card payments above for more details.

Western Union: The method of payment Western Union is only possible for orders over 500.00 EUR. Please contact us before making a Western Union payment. You will need further details (recipient must be a person etc.) in order to make a Western Union transaction.

C.O.D.: (Within Germany) After verifying the address, orders will be shipped as standard UPS C.O.D. (International) we can only ship international C.O.D parcels to existing customers and companies. If you would like to pay C.O.D. please call our customer service.

Payment on Invoice: Large registered companies, governmental agencies etc. can opt to make the payment on reception of the merchandise and invoice by selecting Payment on Invoice during the order process and inserting “Payment on Invoice Customer” in the field for comments. We will take care of the rest!

6. What should be considered when paying with PayPal?

We can only ship to the address the PayPal payment was made from.

7. Can I pay after receiving the invoice?

Please understand that only governmental bodies, large identified companies and existing customers have the possibilities to make payments against invoice.

8. What do I do if my credit card transaction gets rejected?

For security reasons, our credit card payment processor requires your credit card to be freshly registered. In order to do this, clear the browser cache and type in your credit card details once again. Once your credit card details has been updated, you should no longer face any issues completing the payment. (However, it will require you to place the order anew).

We thank you for your understanding for these strict security measures, which not only safeguard us as a seller, but also you as a customer from any fraud.

Alternatively, you can choose another payment option and send us your payment:
- via PayPal to the following PayPal address:
- or by wire bank transfer to:

Multipick Direct GmbH
Sparkasse CologneBonn
IBAN: DE49370501980026004457
Should you continue to encounter any issues, please contact us so that we can mutually find an appropriate solution.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

9. Being a foreign customer, do I have to pay German VAT, Import duties etc.?

If you, as a European business client, have in your possession a valid VAT identification number, we will not charge the Value Added Tax. However, the amount will be withheld until completion of the manual validation check. As soon as your VAT identification number has been validated, you will receive an immediate refund. In such cases, Value Added Tax will not be reflected on your invoice.

If we are unable to validate your VAT identification number, the Value Added Tax will be charged and reflected on the invoice.

Non-EU customers are not subject to German tax regulations and will not be charged VAT on their orders.

Customs duties or import tariffs may be assessed by the customs authorities of the importing country depending on the contents and destination country of your shipment. If there is a duty, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay. Payments will not be made to Multipick; they will be paid either to the carrier at the time of receipt or through the carrier’s individual invoicing system.

10. Which shipping carrier does Multipick use?

We ship worldwide at very low prices with DHL Express, our main distribution partner. We are also glad to ship with UPS by request, but at higher prices.

11. Where and how can I see the shipping charges that apply for me?

At the bottom of our shop you can find a link "Shipping" where you can find the shipping rates for your country

12. How and where do I find the value of my order in another currency?

At the top of our shop you can preselect your preferred currency in which our shop will calculate the prices.

13. Is my order insured?

Yes, all our parcels are insured. If the standard insurance of € 500.00 should not be sufficient in the case of your order, we will automatically insure the parcel for the required sum.

14. Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, DHL does deliver to P.O. Boxes within Germany., but logistics partners UPS and DHL Express does not.

15. Can I track/trace my parcels online?

Yes. When your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number for your parcel. With the tracking number you can track the delivery of your parcel online.

16. How is it possible for Multipick to ship within 24hrs on working days?

We constantly hold all offered products in stock, so that during weekdays they can be dispatched within 24 hours. In some cases brief delivery delays can occur. However, in such a case the customer will be notified.

17. Could there be any delays in dispatching?

If the submitted order contain incorrect or incomplete data, then there is a possibility that it can cause the dispatchment to get delayed. So please take care to enter all the required information as correctly as possible.

18. Is there a warranty on purchased products?

Yes, Warranty cover shall be in accordance with German statutory provisions. For justified defects, repair will be carried out or will be exchanged according to our general conditions of sale.

19. Can I return my purchase?

If you experience a malfunction as a result of a manufacturing defect you may return the product to us. However, the postage has to be prepaid and has to be in its original condition and packaging. Returns will not be accepted if the postage has not been paid!

20. What should I consider when returning?

Place your address specifications along with the customer number and a short description of the problem or fault. The necessary repair or the exchange will be done as soon as possible.

21. How secure is my personal data?

All data transfer of private information is protected by a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption. We are cooperating with GeoTrust to guarantee the highest possible standard of data security.

22. Will my personal data be stored for any reason?

Yes, your personal information is gathered & stored in order for the purposes of fulfilling your order, to establish and maintain relations with customers, to provide ongoing services, to understand customer needs and preferences and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. You may also read our privacy policy for further details.

23. Will my personal data be passed on to a third party?

No! We expressively do not pass on your private data to third parties for publicity, mailings or similar reasons. We will neither send you any further product information / publicity if you do not wish so.

24. Is it possible to cancel my customer account?

Yes! For security reasons you cannot cancel your account yourself, though. We will first have to verify that the request for cancellation is legitimate. If you wish to cancel your account please contact our hotline.

25. Am I allowed to copy images and texts for commercial purposes?

No! Multipick is the sole proprietor of all intellectual content, pictures, etc. If exceptions are made to this rule all rights have to be granted in written form. Unauthorised use will be persecuted legally without further notice!

26. Information for public institutions & authorities

Multipick provides a wide spectrum of helpful products and services to public institutions, authorities
and organizations in charge of tasks related to safety and security. Our team in Bonn will be pleased to
assist and advise you if you have questions about our products and individual offers to suit your needs.

If you represent one of the above-mentioned organizations, Multipick will of course extend on
account payment options to you.
To activate your customer account for this option, we will need your prompt written legitimation via fax.

If you wish to place an immediate online order, please follow the steps set forth below:

1. Create a customer account for your organization
2. Choose the products you need and place them in the shopping cart
3. Proceed to Checkout and under Payment options choose
   “Advance payment per bank transfer”
4. Type the term “On account customer” into the Comments field
5. Accept our Terms and Conditions (TOC) and finalize the purchase
6. Fax your legitimation to us promptly
7. Once we have verified your legitimation, we will ship your order
8. We will activate your account for you to order any upcoming purchases on account

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance or a quotation for your specific needs.
Our team in Bonn will be glad to help!

Telephone: 0228 - 39 187-60, reachable Mon - Fri, 9 am - noon and 2 pm - 5 pm.
Fax: 0228 - 39 187-41

We look forward to receiving your order.

27. How is it that in rare cases ELITE products can be delayed?


All products from the MULTIPICK MANUFACTURE (each tool is manufactured and checked multiple times by hand with utmost care), especially our ELITE products such as picks, picksets and our KRONOS, meet our highest quality standards. Hence it goes without saying that this highly ambitious goal can influence our production capacities. As a result, the high demand from our customers can more or less strongly influence the availability of this group of tools in particular and lead to delivery delays.

Our MULTIPICK products are officially available from us or from our distributors.

1. Why can’t I register, log on, or shop?

The areas of our shop where you have to enter personal data, or it is being processed, are secured via 256-bit encryption. Some older browsers (predominantly Internet Explorer/ Netscape) do not support this modern form of encryption.

2. Why does Multipick’s website use a 256-bit encryption?

By using a 256-bit encryption your personal data (address, credit card information etc.) are secured to an utmost level from unauthorized access.

3. How can I find out if my browser version (Internet Explorer) supports 256-bit encryption?

1. Start your Internet Explorer
2. Choose “?” (help) from the menu bar
3. Choose “Info” from the help menu

In the window that will appear you can see your current browser version and your encryption level. If the encryption level is lower than the required 256-bit (e.g. 128-bit), you will have to update your browser.

4. Even though my browser supports 256-bit encryption I still cannot register, log on, or shop? – Why?

When you want to register, log on, or shop you have to make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. The simplest way is to open the menu “Extras/Internet options/Security” and add our page ““ as a “trustworthy site”.

Cookie error: Your browser does not allow cookies.
To continue your shopping experience, you should enable cookies for this site.

Follow the steps below to enable cookies on the Internet Explorer:
1. Click on the Tools-menu and choose the tab Internet Options
2. Click on security settings
3. You will find a drop down box, choose a middle setting.
4. Click on OK

If you use Mozilla Firefox follow the steps below:
1. Click in the tools menu on options
2. Choose the tab privacy
3. Check the box “accept cookies from sites”
4. Click OK. This measure is for your own safety