Multipick 6-pin Dimple / Euro profile combination training lock set
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Multipick 6-pin Dimple / Euro profile combination training lock set


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The perfect combination of a Euro profile cylinder and a Dimple cylinder - unique and only from Multipick


Something that was impossible for most a while back is now becoming a reality: Controlled practice to overcome the difficulties of a Dimple cylinder and a Euro profile cylinder. Thanks to the modular structure and side slots, our training locks are perfect for educating yourself how to pick difficult cylinder locks, such as dimple and euro profile locks. This is the perfect training tool for lockpicking at home and at work.


Dimple or Euro profile? - Both!


This practice lock literally has two sides: One side features a Euro profile and the other a Dimple profile. Variation and versatility are the most important characteristics of this model. You can always choose the appropriate cylinder and only have to decide which profile you want to use.


Even the standard pin version of this practice lock is quite a challenge and requires a lot of know-how to pick it. If you wish to increase the difficulty or make it less challenging, then you can decide for yourself the degree of difficulty at any time by means of the fastening screws.


Re-pinning the practice lock is easy peasy: Simply loosen the grub screws with the provided allen key and replace the springs and pins. After that, simply screw the grub screws back in and your new challenge with your training lock is ready. The set contains the required set of pins including a pair of tweezers in the scope of delivery. In this way, you can instantly adapt your training cylinder to your own needs. This makes this exercise lock a real challenge with countless possibilities.


Practice in a varied way to keep your skills improving.


If you are looking for more challenges, you can order additional sets of pins in various sizes as accessories from our shop. These sets include many more key pins and driver pins as well as spool pins, security pins and springs, of course. For the best and most secure lockpicking practice, we recommend our Centurion vise. The Centurion provides a secure hold for your training cylinder and helps you to concentrate solely on picking.


The cylinder in this set is slotted on one side. The other side is kept as it is in order to increase the level of difficulty. This gives you the choice of whether you want to exercise visually or without seeing anything. A training lock that offers a wide range of possibilities and will take your lockpicking skills to a new level.


Without any exception, only very high quality and precise cylinder locks are used for the production.


Brilliant and precise fine mechanics from Multipick - Made in Germany, Made in Bonn.



  • Complete super set with top accessories for added possibilities
  • Start immediately and celebrate your first achievements
  • Train like the pros - progress from novice to professional
  • Become quickly successful - What you see is what you do - learn and understand!
  • Compatible with our pinning kits available in our shop


Dimensions: 30 / 10 / 30 mm


When you use an electric lock pick gun with our practice locks, it is important to check the grub screws regularly because they can loosen due to the strong vibrations.



Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Dimple / Euro profile 6-pin training lock
  • 2x Keys
  • 1x Allen key 2 mm
  • 1x Door mounting screw
  • 1x Pair of tweezers
  • 1x Pinning kit 50pcs. for re-pinning the cylinder
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