Window Openers

Tools for opening tilted & closed windows

In order to keep costs down, locksmiths also often enter a residence through a window.  That may be done if the door of an apartment cannot be opened without causing damage and the consequential costs of causing damage in the process of opening the door of the residence are too high.

Multipick offers an extensive range of window openers. Here we distinguish between the opening of tilted and closed windows. A tilted window can be opened with the aid of a variety of loop-type opening tools. In order to open a tilted window, we recommend the Tilt & Turn window opener 3-pieces which can open almost any tilted window within seconds.

On closed windows you will need some experience and practice, since you will have to drill a small opening into the window frame. The opening tool will then be applied through this small opening. But it is important that the window is not locked.