Window Openers

Tools for opening tilted & closed windows

Open tilted windows swiftly and effortlessly, even when the shutters are half closed and the key is in the handle. In order to save costs, locksmiths often use a window to gain access to the building. This usually happens when an entrance door can no longer be opened non-destructively and the associated costs of a destructive opening of the entrance door are too high.

Now, Multipick offers the perfect solution for easy and non-destructive opening of windows: The newly developed tilt window opener (DIN 14800-SWK) from the Kipp-Blitz brand, which has been specially designed for fire brigade deployments. Compared to other tools, this tilt window opener offers improved functionality and numerous advantages!

The advantages of the new tilt window opener:

• The actuating cord does not have to be painstakingly guided to the other end of the window handle.
• Unlike others, this window opener does not have to be secured to the window handle by an additional latching mechanism or a second cord.
• Very simple use and handling
• Thanks to its user-friendly design, it is easy to use and does not require time-consuming training
• Meets the requirements of fire brigades
• Can also be used with push-button secured and U-shaped handles