Multipick ELITE Lockpicking World


Dive into the wide range of our professional products relating to the topic of lock picking.

When we started to develop our ELITE LOCK PICKS, there was only one goal in mind. To produce the finest picks available on the entire world market. A big goal, which we almost reached on account of our extensive expertise and numerous tests.

Due to the precise finishing in our manufactory, every single tool used for picking becomes an absolute experience – finest steel with functional design. And when German engineering expertise is added to this, something extraordinary is created - Multipick's ELITE PICKS and its accessories. Regardless of the fact that it isn't obvious at first, you are bound to be reassured of its capabilities. With the new ELITE LOCK PICKS, you are well equipped for any picking task, no matter how demanding it may be.

The German heavy-duty steel we use is a highly tempered metal alloy that is unique on the world market. To our knowledge, there is no other manufacturer - apart from Multipick - who uses such a high-quality material for pick production.

Multipick is solely committed itself to the production of top high-quality German tools. We disapprove of cheap tools with inferior quality, partially produced in low wage countries under inhumane conditions. Multipick clearly speak for German high-class workmanship. Therefore our products are elaborately manufactured by hand according to German quality standards.

Only where the name Multipick is displayed, we guarantee the exceptionally high quality of the material and manufacturing!

Top-notch products combined with high-end material and perfect functioning, even after performing many tasks - What we offer you is not some crappy steel moulded into shape, as we aim to stay at the top for many years to come - and constantly!

Made in Germany - Made in Bonn