Opening Closed Doors

Door opening tools

The door has locked behind you and the key is inside the apartment! One of the most common situations in the daily life of a locksmith involves opening the front door without damaging the door and the door frame.

Doors that are closed but not locked are opened via the bolt mechanism of the door handle. Where doors are concerned we distinguish between single and double rebate doors.
Thus, you also need different opening tools to unlock these doors even though the opening technique or unlocking technique is basically the same. Room doors and also house front doors are often single-offset doors. Security doors or fire doors on the other hand are more commonly built as double-offset doors.

This opening technique involves the use of e.g. door opening cards, panic door latch retractors, door latch spatulas or opening needles. In the case of some doors you may need the appropriate accessories in order to widen the working gap between the door and the frame.

With this technique, the opening tools are inserted between the door leaf and the frame in order to open the door via the door handle mechanism.
The type of tools you need for this unlocking technique also depends on whether the door that has closed opens inwards or outwards. The panic door latch opener for example is one of the professional unlocking tool used by locksmiths especially for opening doors that open inwards.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a door latch spatula or opening needle, the Multipick team is on hand to help you with all technical questions.
Incidentally: Suitable locksmith's accessories and training materials on the subject of doors that are closed, but not locked can be found under Multipick TRAINING AND EDUCATION or from time to time in the category "UPCOMING".