Tool Cases / Tool Sets

Tool Kits & Cases for Fire Brigades & Special Forces

With our tool sets and a set of cases for doorways, we assist you in saving work hours but also help you facilitate that purpose with a selection of the most important tools at a reasonable price!

Since people have vastly different ideas about what makes an ideal container, we offer you not only various tool boxes, cases, and bags for locksmiths, but also tool backpacks that have proven to be particularly practical.

In putting the suggested assortments together, we have taken into account that every user should be able to define the limits to which they put their tools. You will therefore find both practical tools which are limited to the use on doors that have fallen shut and tool kits which already include lock picking tools for non-destructive lock-picking.

Of course, we do not only offer tool kits for hobby users, but also lock-destructive tool equipment for janitors, locksmiths, fire brigades and special forces, depending on needs and type of use.