Universal-Classic Lever Pick
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Universal-Classic Lever Pick "Dietrich"


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Prod.Nr.: 3370 weight: 0,01 KG

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3370 - The “classic” lever pick opens most warded locks

3371 - A special configuration - designed for the unlocking of locking mechanisms where the latch or bolt is broken.

Brilliant Quality "Made in Germany" by ©Multipick


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Lost key? No problem
When I lost the key to my cellar door, I ordered these lever picks. After watching some YouTube videos, I was quickly able to open my cellar door. Then I managed to remove the lock from the other side, took it to a key cutter and got myself a new key for a few bucks. Total cost: less than 20 euros. Whoever calls a locksmith to open such a door, it\'s their own fault ;)
Review via | 13.07.2016
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