DBB-2 Morticer Set with 3 carbide tipped cutters
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DBB-2 Morticer Set with 3 carbide tipped cutters


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DBB-2 Morticer Set

This professional tool is very popular to locksmiths, alarm system fitters and joiners. For anyone who regularly fits mortice locks it will prove invaluable - an accurate, speedy and professional tool that will save time and money. The tool allows the finishing of a mortice in a few minutes without removing the door.

Offset doors:

DBB Morticer can also be used on offset doors. The housing has slits allowing it to move the right and to the left, giving it the possibility to work on offset and double offset doors. It also cuts for hinges and striking plates on door frames of 95 mm thickness maximum.You may easily produce mortices for hinges and striking plates on door frames. (maximumof 95mm thickness).

Carbide Tipped Mortice Cutters for wood:

Compared to the previous design, these improved carbide-tipped mortice cutters increase the cutting speed by up to 50% and keep their sharpness longer. The simplified screw-on ‘anti-lock’ design enables the cutter to be released quickly using the spanner provided. All in all there are twelve cutters available.

Aluminium doors:

Separately we offer 4 different sizes of aluminium cutters, allowing work on aluminium doors without any problem.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working on metal!

Plunging Cutters:

These new cutters are ideal for installers who need perfectly drilled true holes. Ideal for the quick installation of Tubular Latches, Deadbolts, Concealed Door Closers etc. The range of 4 sizes of ‘Plunging Cutters’ are designed for locks where perfect installation is an issue. Made from High Speed Steel, these very effective 3 point plunging drills are a real bonus for those wanting to solve installation problems.

Small Bore Kit:

This system has been developed especially for small mortices. The smaller cutters require a thinner shaft and a special housing kit.

Long Drill System:

The long Drill Kit has been specifically designed for the easy installation of electric lock cables through wooden doors - from lock to hinge.After cutting the mortice you convert the morticer into the long drill system. Special geometry helps to keep the cutter 'on line' with minimal effort. The Long Drill Kit is a leader in its field. It is quick, accurate and easy to use.


  • Cuts mortice for lock and face plate.
  • Fast and accurate on doors from 40 mm - 85 mm thick.
  • Increased cutting speed of up to 50% thanks to carbide tipped cutters.
  • Cuts mortices for hinges, some striking plates and electric releases.
  • The ‘anti-lock’ design enables the cutter to be released quickly.
  • Uses vertical guides, height and depth stops to ensure precise cutting.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Robust construction and precision manufacturing.



  • The morticer can be operated by one person.
  • Doors don’t have to be removed which saves time and money.
  • Increases accuracy and speed of mortice cutting.
  • Can be used on wooden and aluminium doors.
  • Only requires a power drill to work.


Technical details:

  • Max. working depth for mortices: 180 mm
  • Max. working depth for long whole mortices: 1250 mm
  • Max. working depth for small whole mortices: 100 mm
  • Max. thickness of door: all


Requirements for drilling machine or electric screw driver:

  • Chuck: 13 mm
  • Rpm: 2000-3000


  • 1 Transport and storage case
  • 1 Morticer with height and depth stops
  • 1 patented cutting shaft, length 295 mm
  • 1 carbide tipped cutter 16.2 mm Ø for wooden doors
  • 1 carbide tipped cutter 20.0 mm Ø for wooden doors
  • 1 carbide tipped cutter 23.8 mm Ø for wooden doors
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 An extensive illustrated manual
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