Lock Picking Training Cylinders

Learn lockpicking with endless possibilities using the Multipick training cylinders


You wish to start lockpicking or have an almost unpickable cylinder in front of you? Then we have just the right thing for you to easily and effectively improve your lockpicking skills to a new level.


The new 6-pin lockpicking practice locks are the ideal learning cylinder for the serious beginner as well as for the ambitious professional lockpicker.



Thanks to the variety of our practice locks, regardless of being slotted on the right or left side, the practice skills of right-handed and left-handed users alike are perfectly supported, while the realistic lock picking experience of both European and American lock cylinders are simulated in an excellent way.


All becomes easier when you can see what's going on inside the training cylinder and understand better the functionality of the lock. You can pass on the lockpicking skills you have gained to real dimple pin or euro profile locks.


Practicing lockpicking on a new scale with your Multipick training lock


With our training locks, you learn how to overcome the individual elements of the cylinder in respect to each other in order to successfully pick the lock. Moreover, you will get an understanding of how a dimple or euro profile lock is constructed and how it works.


No book or video, regardless of how good it is, will give you a better and faster training success than the use of an original Multipick practice lock. By adding accessories such as our pinning kits with various key pins, driver pins, securiry pins and springs, you can create your own personal practice cylinders over and over again and continue to improve yourself more and more.  The modular system of Multipick training cylinders does not set any limits... or perhaps only sometimes.


If you are in search of lockpicking videos, then take a look at our YouTube channel.


The perfect gift for friends of precision mechanics


All movements inside the cylinder lock can be witnessed visually. Our practice locks are first-class branded products. Each practice lock is unique and is carefully handcrafted involving many individual steps. It is fully functional and comes with a matching key.


In addition to the common unlocking technique, our dimple and euro profile practice locks are also recommended for learning impression technique. The corresponding key blanks are also available in our shop.

Easy re-pinning for training cylinders for your lockpicking skills.


In case defeating your training lock becomes too easy, just change the locking code to another in a matter of seconds. Grub screws at the bottom of the cylinder and the included allen key turn this lengthy changing process into child's play. This enables a versatile and very realistic lockpicking training with any desired level of difficulty. This makes it a perfect training tool for both personal and professional use with an almost endless number of combinations.


According to our experience, there isn't a more effective way to learn lockpicking than with our practice locks. Together with our Centurion, this results in a perfect combination for professional training and style.


Therefore, the Multipick practice lock is a never boring training tool for the lockpicking novice as well as for the professional lockpicker and a good investment to achieve success.


Tip: Share your combinations on Instagram and link our Instagram channel. We will share your experience and pass on your knowledge. This way, others will also benefit from all the possible combinations.

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