Pick gun DINO Semi-Automatic
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Pick gun DINO Semi-Automatic


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The revolutionary innovation on the pick gun market!

The new generation differs from all the other known pick guns.


Special features:

The pick gun pick hits the pins vertically and therefore all at the same time in comparison to the other traditional guns, whose picks hit the pins out of a slight angle. This new technique guaranties a quicker and more successful opening than before.


The special structure of this opening tool enables a double pressure point of the trigger. When pulling trough carefully the blow hits once vertically. When pulling through over both pressure points, two blows are activated within a split second.


The aerodynamic structure enables a light and secure hold.


With the special nut at the pick holder, the picks can be manually changed within seconds. No further tools are required.


The good pick holding system secures a simple pick exchange and excellent hold.


The frame structure of the pick gun is stronger than ever.



As originally designed for the US market, the gun hits upwards once set off. For our European locks the gun needs to be used upside down.


Electro pick spare picks can also be used with this item.


  • 1 Pick gun DINO Semi-automatic
  • 3 straight picks (Standard), 0,6 mm
  • 2 angled picks (Standard), 0,6 mm
  • 1 straight, 69 mm long Pick, 0,9 mm
  • 1 straight, 55 mm long Pick, 0,9 mm
  • 1 Dimple Pin Pick, 55 mm long, 0,9 mm
  • 1 Dimple Pin Pick, 69 mm long, 0,9 mm
  • 1 Professional Dimple Pin Pick
  • 1 Standard tension tool
  • 1 Dual-Tooth Tension tool
  • 1 Double sided Tension Tool
  • 2 Small tension tools
  • 1 Plastic box
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