Double-bit decoder for Mottura 3x3
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Double-bit decoder for Mottura 3x3


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Important: This tool does not open locks with anti-pick system!


Since this decoder is designed for double-bit lever lock Mottura 3/3, its construction is accordingly. The pick consists of a rod with 3×3 pins. These pins are arranged in a specific order to match the intended lock. The pins are tightened in the back part of the handle by a pin manipulator. When this is tight, the pins will be difficult to move. If it is loose, the pins can be moved more easily.




You take one of the two springs and put it into the slot in the front of the handle. Afterwards remove the cover of the housing (which is on the back). Then insert the rod into the handle as demonstrated in the video, and securely tighten it to the handle with the Allen key and insert the pin manipulator by screwing it into the back of the handle. The ease of movement of the pins is the most important thing. If they are tight, the opening process will not be successful! Lastly, mount the small tensioning handles. Now the decoder is ready for use.


Opening and repairing procedure with the double-bit lock decoder


Make sure that the decoder is used for the appropriate lock. Insert the tool with the pins that correspond to the position of the levers inside the lock. Now start the opening procedure.


By tensioning it over the tensioning handles several times, the decoder raises each tumbler to a certain height so that the bolt can move. Finally, the pins "adopt" the position corresponding to the position of the "ridges" of the original key.


Moreover, the double-bit lock decoder is easy to assemble and disassemble. Another important aspect is the ease of repairing a broken or twisted pin - simply unscrew the pin manipulator and replace the damaged pin.


This lockpick tool works in a non-destructive way. Each tool can be used for a specific lock - in this case Mottura 3×3 or for locks with similar dimensions. The internal dimensions of the locks (the size of the original key) are crucial. This means that you have to know the number of levers and the distance between the levers before using a lockpick tool.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Rod decoder for the model Mottura 3x3
  • 1 x Handle
  • 1 x Pin manipulator
  • 2 x Springs
  • 2 x Small tensioning handles
  • 1 x Small box of spare pins
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 1 x Universal code card reader for double-bit locks
  • 1 x Plastic transport box