Multipick Kronos – The electric pick gun for all
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Multipick Kronos – The electric pick gun for all


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Prod.Nr.: 12550 weight: 0,56 KG

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High Quality - Affordable Price - Made in Germany

Kronos (Master Key) Electric Lock Pick Gun - The electric lock pick for a bargain price from Multipick

Now available with an elegant chrome surface finish


We have gathered all our experiences from the development of the MHP II and invested it in KRONOS. The result is an electric lock pick that does not need to be hidden away behind its big brother. KRONOS provides state-of-the-art electronics with a powerful motor. Further, we were able to gain one of the largest German manufacturers of DC motors and involve them in the development. During our endurance tests KRONOS has impressively proven all its power. Today we are able to present you an electric pick with cutting-edge technology.

Due to its improved motor and low natural vibration, KRONOS is one of the quietest (if not THE quietest) e-picks offered worldwide. A real plus if you still need to open a cylinder at four in the morning.
Thanks to its new power management, you will be able to achieve a continuous load of more than two hours. That’s enough to unlock a vast number of cylinders.

Charging has never been so easy!
Simply connect the included USB cable to a power supply, car cigarette lighter port or computer and charge KRONOS. That messy jumble of different cables is now history. One cable, many possibilities - that´s how it works nowadays. If necessary, please order the charger separately.

We also supply the Kronos storage & carrying case (Prod.No.: 12570) as an accessory. The Kronos EPG is safely protected by the cut-out soft foam insert, and the case also offers space for a circular tension ring and the original Flip-It plug spinner.

By the way, the included pick needles are made from the exact same, ingenious material as our ELITE picks.


Technical specifications:

  • Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 2900 mAh  
  • Needle deflection precisely adjustable from 1 to 4 mm at the needle chuck
  • Idle speed 13,000 rev/min
  • Weight with battery - approx. 350g
  • Dimensions: D=34 mm L=205 mm
  • Battery life approx. 2.5 hours


  • 1 Electric pick gun KRONOS
  • 1 Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 2900 mAh
  • 1 Charging cradle including charger cable
    for USB-ports (without power supply unit)
  • 5 Elite pick needles 0.5 mm
  • 1 ELITE Tension tool - 03
  • 1 ELITE Tension tool - 06
  • 1 Allen key for changing pick needles
  • 1 Online-Manual
  • The Multipick Kronos comes in an attractive box with foam inserts
Electric Lock Pick
Outstanding bit of kit, well worth the money. Excellent company to deal with typical German efficiency. The lock pick is of German manufacture.
By Rod C. from United Kingdom | 11.01.2020
Great tool with a great price
Well built and powerfull, it's the tool I end up when conventional lockpicking is not possible. So far it has proven almost 100% successfull openings of regular 4 - 5 pin cylinders, even good quality European ones. Of course, as with anything, it needs skill and practice. Worth buying!
By Emmanouil C. from Greece | 30.10.2018
As expected
Excellent Electric pick gun, makes it a lot faster and easier to open cylinders - simply child’s play.
By Don T. from Ontario, Canada | 03.10.2018
Great pick gun for the price
Does the job for me quite well. Has plenty of power, compact and sturdy. Smaller and much lighter than my older gun.
By Pearson M. from Ireland | 08.01.2018
The best of the best!
i have been in the lock business for over 40 years and this is the best pick available. The engineering and performance is superb. Truly essential for my day to day works and the only tool ever to beat CEN6 rated lock in under 2 seconds.
Review via | 06.01.2018
Awesome! love it
Awesome!love it
Review via | 29.12.2017
Kronos - excellent value
Awesome lock pick gun. Replaces a heavier DINO li-ion electric lock pick that had died. Great product.
By Franklin H. from Colorado, United States | 28.12.2017
Versatile EPG
A versatile pick gun, copes with most locks. Excellent quality, good feedback, batteries last well. Well packaged and delivered on time. Thumbs up.
By Leon C. from Ontario, Canada | 27.12.2017
Sturdy, strong and really well engineered
Really smooth piece of kit. There\'s a bit to learn for efficient use, but ive never had and electric pick. Judging by performance so far its the only one i\'ll need for a while. Sturdy, strong and really well engineered. Thank you Multipick best present ive bought myself in a while.
Review via | 25.11.2017
Awesome tool
This is an awesome e-pick gun. I've tried 5 different pick guns and so far this is the best. Highly professional and I’m really pleased with it.
By Joshua C. from United Kingdom | 20.10.2017
WOW! this pick gun works great. Unlocked a few locks within seconds.
By Thomas H. from Tennessee, United States | 27.08.2017
Five Stars
Great product and great service.
Review via | 25.08.2017
Satisfied so far
I bought this from using one of their coupon codes and must say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on any lock pick tool. I use it almost every day, it has a lot of power and does the job pretty well just as Bill's demonstration vid. No complains.
By Mikel G. from New Jersey, United States | 09.08.2017
Works great
This vibrating lock pick gun works as good or better than expected.
By Andy D. from Washington, United States | 05.08.2017
Watch on YouTube it really works a+
Review via | 28.07.2017
Real Pro Tool. Takes Practice to use successfully, but it does work
This is very well made, and is obviously a professional bit of kit. You may have seen videos of this tool in use, the videos can made it seem easier to use than it is. Using this tool does take practice and a certain amount of skill, but that practice will reward you in the end.
If you are just starting with your pick tools then this is not a high priority, the expense of this tool can be better spent. However if you already have the basic tools and are looking to take things to another level then this is a real pro tool.
The most important thing to realise though is that a beginner cannot just stick this in lock and expect it to open like magic, that should be obvious I think. I have found that practice with a transparent lock is useful, when you get it just right the pins vibrate like crazy without the whole lock shaking and then the magic happens. Adjustment is critical with this tool, as is the angle and depth of insertion.
Review via | 20.06.2017
Review via | 14.06.2017
Great for it's intended purpose
One of the best electric lock picks I have ever owned as a locksmith. Compared to most pick guns that I have ever used in the past this is one of the best. Had it for about 1 month now and have used it extensively on locks and haven't come across any drawbacks to it yet. The epg is compact in size, powerful, light and easy to handle and fits well in the hand. Love the USB charging capabilities and surprisingly holds that charge for an admirable period. All in all a solid electric pick gun and now that I know this tool is available in Australia, I would recommend it to all Australian locksmiths.
By Tarik I. from Australia | 17.03.2017
Outstanding for the price
This electric pick gun replaces a dead SouthOrd that I had for 3 years. After doing some research I decided to try something German and came across the Multipick Kronos. The EPG is compact, easy to hold, not too heavy, quiet and somewhat powerful and the battery holds a charge for a long time. Great product, no issues so far.
By Timothy B. from Utah, United States | 13.02.2017
Great tool to open locks. Very high quality, stylish and solid. The fantastic thing is, I managed to pick open a lock I have not been able to open with a manual pick gun… Just awesome.
By Carney N. from Romania | 01.02.2017
Awesome, works great
Excellent electric pick gun for lock picking. I managed to pick a number of cylinders in a matter of minutes with just a single charge. Device itself is not too noisy, got some tremendous power, excellent finish. Fast shipping to AU took almost 15 days with pre-order waiting time. The shipping is a bit expensive, therefore 4stars but overall well worth the buy. Fully satisfied & I highly recommend it.
By Cooper W. from Australia | 24.01.2017
Kronos, amazing lock pick gun
Awesome product. One of best electric lock pick guns I’ve ever used. Fantastic quality, easy to use, tremendous power and not noisy at all like other electric vibrating pick guns. Well worth the price.
By Ludvig V. from Sweden | 19.01.2017
Excellent product
In my opinion one of the most effective electronic lock picks ever invented for lock picking and locksmithing. Compact, light, lots of power and fairly easy to use. Performs as advertised. Well worth the investment.
By Terry A. from United Kingdom | 04.01.2017
Great piece of gear
Brand new out of the box, I really enjoy this new Kronos cordless pick gun. Nice, solid and great German quality. Shame to say, far better than our own products and it’s high time our guys make something similar and make America great again. Over to you Mr. Trump.
By Russell B. from Florida, United States | 26.12.2016
Great semi-professional pick gun
I have had many semi-professional electric pick guns over the years, but this one is so far the best. Small, very nicely engineered and constructed and has good power. Comes with 5 pick blades and a couple of tension wrenches. Delivery took about 22 days, well worth the wait. Just love it.
By Doug O. from Kansas, United States | 19.12.2016
Good German Stuff
Although I’m British I always preferred German stuff. Just like my Audi and my Bosch Blue, this electric pick gun is well constructed. The weight is surprisingly light and very well balanced, not as heavy as my other pick gun which is also from another German manufacturer. Did over 2 hours of picking with this baby monster and it worked pretty well, quite powerful for a 3.5volt. Great piece of machinery, really satisfied with it so far. Wunderbar!
By Philip C. from United Kingdom | 18.12.2016
Excellent Electric Pick Gun
I purchased two of these to replace a couple of other EPG´s that had packed up on me. Sometimes I buy cheap to save money, but always regret it. This electric pick gun is cracking, build quality is exceptional, solid and really well balanced, decent power to pick a number of cylinders and extremely quiet when compared with the other two which I now consider to be garbage. A genuine bargain will buy again.
By Avner T. from Israel | 16.12.2016
Nice little toy
I researched for a while before deciding on this electric lock pick, and I must say that this is an excellent Epg. Works like a champ, good grip, great battery life and power. Had my first lock opened within the first 3 minutes. Well pleased.
By Barry B. from United Kingdom | 12.12.2016
My husband loves it
This is a super cool tool. I ordered this for my husband as a gift. He works as an all-around handyman and I wanted to surprise him with some kind of a new tool. One day an Ad for this tool appeared on Facebook, I just showed it to him and he was quite impressed. I surprised him with it later and he just loves it. The delivery took a bit longer than expected but had no problems with seller.
By Amanda C. from United Kingdom | 09.12.2016
No regrets, great electric pick gun
At first I was a bit hesitant on buying this EPG due to the negative experiences I had with all other EPGs. Well, I´ve been using this now for the past 4 weeks at a stretch without any issues even with very tight keyways. The performance is tremendous, thumbs up! Well worth the price.
By Andrew K. from Ireland | 06.12.2016
KRONOS the number 1 in its price class
One of the best electric lock picks I ever held in my hand. A person who has knowledge of lock picking will quickly know the way it works, and at 13000 vibrations with smooth and quiet operation, definitely I can say that it is a super e-pick I have purchased so far and have no regrets. I opened several locks with only one battery charge, even under maximum load. To the appearance, I do not need to say much due to the fact that you already know that you have a superior tool in your hand and Multipick is not an unknown company. Fast delivery and super quality. I highly recommend anyone familiar with lock picking to get such a device. You can just forget about all the crap that says Kronos too loud and others junk, especially when it comes to this price class. This is just my opinion of course. Anyone who has held the Kronos once in his hand and has worked with it will agree with me.
Review via | 29.11.2016
High quality product at a low price
The Kronos E-Pick is a must for every professional locksmith & hobby lockpicker. After a prompt delivery, I finally held my own e-pick in my hand. A shrink-wrapped cardboard box with a nice band was used to protect the device during transportation. After I had opened the box and had taken the Kronos out, I had to charge the included battery before I could start right away. At first glance you can immediately see that it is a very noble item and I found it almost too good to use as a tool. At the top of the device is the name "Kronos" & above it a crown. It fits great in your hand and once you have adjusted the right stroke for the cylinder it remains the same. Meanwhile, I have already worked for a few hours with the device and had to charge only once & with the enclosed charger it was not a problem. The power of the E-Pick is tremendously crazy despite the low running noise. If the cylinder keyway is narrow, it will make it wider. The attached pick blades can be quickly mounted & unmounted and have a long service life. Conclusion: The Kronos von Multipick is convinced by its quality/workmanship at a fair price and the price performance ratio is outstanding.
Review via | 16.10.2016
Excellent Tool
Well, I received my Kronos electric pick gun earlier than expected. Visually it not only gave me a great impression, but its performance and the stability of the delivered pick needles absolutely surprised me. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the adjusting screw for the needle deflection was difficult to turn. However, this did not lead to any functional restrictions. But on the other hand, I would prefer to have a bigger adjusting screw and other than that I have nothing to object. I have not often had the opportunity to use an electric lock pick gun, but after some practice, I managed to open my little collection of locks. I am really thrilled with my new Kronos and can recommend it without any doubt.
Review via | 16.10.2016
Multipick Kronos
well Im very surprised a small electric pick gun with so much power, nice finish light in hand, needs small amount of pick throw to open a lock, recommend it to all locksmiths. thanks multipick for a great tool.
By lamberto m. from Australia | 14.10.2016
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