Thermic Lances

Without any problems our Thermic Lances cut through: Steel, Iron, Bullet-Proof Glass, Concrete, Granite, High-Density Barrier Hard Plates, and all other known material. Thermic Lances work with oxygen, an operational pressure of 0.5 up to max. 5.5 bar, and create the incredible temperature of over 5530°C at the tip of the lance.

With this high temperature all known materials can be melted and cut within seconds. Our thermic lances are very simple to use. The special thermic burning rod is set into the pistol grip handle and then ignited by a strike plate just like a match. For the ignition either a 12 volt battery or a special ignition capsule, developed for military purposes and completely replacing the battery, can be used. After the ignition the amount of oxygen directed to the tip of the lance can be regulated by exerting pressure on the valve in the handle. Now, the tip of the lance must be directed on the object that is to be cut.

The special thermic burning rod will cut through any known material like a hot knife cuts through butter, be it iron, hard-plate steel, concrete, bullet-proof glass or any other material known on this earth. By now, thermic lances are used by many special task forces here and abroad. NASA even uses thermic lances to cut the heat protection plates for its rockets.

For craftsmen who, until now, worked with traditional means, the use of thermic lances can mean a reduction both in time and costs, as the thermic lances only require oxygen and no expensive burning gases. For the opening of safes and special cutting tasks our thermic lances are the No. 1 solution.