BLUE-TEC Milling Burrs

BLUE-TEC :: The new generation of milling burrs

Better, less expensive and only at Multipick at top prices - new Milling burrs for locksmiths with patented BLUE-TEC coating!

Only BLUE-TEC coated milling burrs offers unique service life and performance in all kinds of steel! Available at Multipick, Europe number 1 supplier for locksmiths and other users.

The particularly efficient grinding and sliding quality of these burrs allow optimal working. Try by yourself! For Multipick is able to offer these high quality burrs at a Top price! You will find nowhere BLUE-TEC coated milling burrs at a better price! 

The unbeatable advantages of the new BLUE-TEC milling burrs:

  • Optimized front side + reflexion polish
  • Improved cutting results
  • Shapes especially for locksmiths
  • Unique service life
  • MICRO-GRAIN hard metal
  • BLUE-TEC - coated
  • Made in Germany by Karnasch

Only here at top price!

Milling burrs are bought at Multipick!