Quick-Key Easy Pro - Key Duplicator
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Quick-Key Easy Pro - Key Duplicator


€ 129,90 [incl. 19 % VAT]

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£ 111.71 [incl. 19 % VAT]

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$ 142.89 [incl. 19 % VAT]

$ 120.08 net


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Prod.Nr.: 38010 weight: 0,64 KG

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The new, improved Quick-Key Easy Pro Set from Multipick

The most precise and fastest key copy system in the world - now even more compact, lighter and cheaper.

We have succeeded in significantly improving some of the key features of the Quick-Key Easy. We have fulfilled your wishes by making the set lighter and more compact. It is even easier to store and the new packaging of the impression-making material make it even faster to use.


  • New precision mould
  • New practical packaging for the casting compound
  • Easier to handle
  • Reduced price

Thanks to the new and handy plastic casting mould from MULTIPICK. Together with the exact measured quantity of the required moulding compound, it is now possible to mould all types of keys and produce duplicate keys in a matter of no time. Post-processing is unnecessary.

The great advantage of the new system is the permanent and quick readiness for deployment and the possibility to transport the duplicated key safely and securely for a later key production and to keep it stored for a long time.

The Quick-Key Easy Pro comes complete with all the required accessories* to produce at least 5 keys. All components can also be ordered individually.

It’s an absolutely ingenious tool that you can start using immediately.

Dimensions: 180 x 145 x 45 mm

*Due to shipping regulations, the sets are delivered without lighter fluid, but this is widely commercially available.


  • Precision Mold for QKE Pro
  • 0.010 x 0.010 Kilos of Dual-component Impressioning Material for 5 moulds
  • 0.100 Kilos of Casting Metal made of Special Alloy
  • 1 box made of plastic for casting metal
  • 1 Casting Ladle
  • 1 Mini Gas Torch (delivered without lighter fluid)
  • 1 Utility Knives
  • 1 Sorage box for the QKE Pro
  • Detailed Online-Manual




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Excellent Quick Key Duplicator
I got this from lockpickworld and managed to make a couple of backup keys without having any issues.
By Matt D. from Massachusetts, United States | 19.08.2019
Nice solution
This tools is good to make backup keys, need a bit of practice though.
By Johnston F. from Kentucky, United States | 25.11.2018
Interesting concept, but not very successful
I have now owned this key mold system for about 3 months now, and have used it with multiple varieties of locks. (Best, Master, quickest)
While I love the concept of this kit and desperately wish it worked, I have had next to no success with it. While the mold does (reasonably) accurate replications of the highs and lows of the key\'s teeth, the key\'s wardings are never quite right. The new key rarely fits into the lock and requires extensive filing and cutting to stand a change of being wedged into the lock.
Out of 6 locks, I have had only one success (On a cheap, wide tolerance masterlock padlock).
Would not recommend this system unless your goal is to replicate bottom of the line padlock keys.
By Adam C. from Michigan, United States | 18.11.2018
Brilliant bit of kit
Excellent demo video & great bit of kit as well. I’m still getting the hang of duplicating. All round excellent, well pleased, nothing bad to say about it.
By Kevin P. from New Hampshire, United States | 12.09.2018
Great key duplicator for a homeowner
good value for money, does the job it’s meant to do.
By Edward R. from United Kingdom | 16.01.2017
Good for an emergency
This is a good key copying kit for an emergency. The only criticism I have is the keys are not permanent therefore 4stars but for a quickie it's more than enough. Good product for any handyman or household.
By Martin P. from United Kingdom | 05.01.2017
Kind of Magic
WOW! the name says it all. I never knew copying keys could be so easy. Managed to duplicate a couple of keys, all WORKED perfectly!!!. Yeah! I can sing along with good old Freddie…it´s a kind of magic…Great product, 5 stars.
By Steve W. from Australia | 06.12.2016
Highly satisfied !
This set contains everything you need to make a duplicate key. Also included in the set is a guide that is simple to understand. The only drawback is the molding component which has a relatively short curing time.
Review via | 14.12.2014
This is one of the coolest things I have purchased in a long time! I have made copies of three of my own keys, just to try it out. The first key I tried, was one with little dimples in it. I was not sure if it would really work, given all the dips and curves. Howver I took my time and it ended up working perfectly! The instructions were easy to follow and very precise. The molding components were easy to measure and mix. The whole process took less than 10 minutes per key, after my first try that is. It wasn\'t messy or smelly either. I was a bit apprehensive about the molten metal, but I ended up with no problems what-so-ever, which is really saying something considering how I lack any motor skills or coordination. ;) I am also thinking about trying to copy/cast other small stuff...
Review via | 01.02.2013
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