Multipick ELITE 27 Pickset
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Multipick ELITE 27 Pickset


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Welcome to professional high class

The jewel of the ELITE Picksets by Multipick

Now including the new TOK tensioners SP-13, SP-14 and SP-15 for better picking!

At present one of the largest ELITE Picksets with 16 high quality picks and  11 tension tools in a handy real leather rolling case

  • The excellent Lock-Pick Set in worldwide unrivaled High-Tech quality
  • Finest blades – ingenious spring steel – perfect finishing
  • High quality individual design - Perfection in every detail
  • No double picks or tension tools
  • 30 years warranty on adequate use
  • 100% Made in Germany – By Multipick, of course


We invite you to test it! Give it a try!

Dimensions: 95 x 150 x 30 mm

Our ELITE picks are rust-free thanks to a special hardening and tempering process.


  • 1 x ELITE Small Diamond - Pick (PN08)
  • 1 x ELITE Big Diamond - Pick (PN01)
  • 1 x ELITE DeForest Half Ball - Pick(Hook Dental 1) (PN02)
  • 1 x ELITE DeForest Diamond - Pick (Hook Dental 2) (PN09)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 1 - Pick (PN06)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 2 - Pick (PN07)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 3 - Pick (PN05)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 4 - Pick (PN04)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 1 - Pick (PN13)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 2 - Pick (PN14)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 3 - Pick (PN12)
  • 1 x ELITE Ball - Pick (PN10)
  • 1 x ELITE Snowman - Pick (PN11)
  • 1 x ELITE 6 Mountain - Pick (PN03) 
  • 1 x ELITE Rake - Pick (PN15)
  • 1 x ELITE Extractor (PN16)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 02
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 03
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 04
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 06
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 07
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 13
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 14
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 15
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-41
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-42
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-43
  • 1 x ELITE Real leather rolling case
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The best of the best
This kit is made by professionals for professionals. It has a very good quality.
By Adrian L. from Ireland | 28.01.2021
Excellent pick set
Bought this set after seeing BosnianBill's video and I'm so happy I did. Excellent build quality. The finish on the picks is awesome, no sharp edges, no weirdly cut picks or chips in the metal. They're slim but tough. The handles are rounded, no sharp edges, give great feedback and since they're welded to the picks, they'll never fall off or wiggle around. I really like the leather case. It's around the size of a wallet, fits perfectly in a backpack pocket or pants and you can fit a few extra picks in there. If you're thinking of buying a lock pick set, this is a great choice.
By Andrei S. from Romania | 16.10.2017
A quality set of picks. Excellent!!!
Ive bought a lot of cheap pick sets in the past so decided to buy a quality set of picks and thats exactly what I got with this set. Very very happy with them. The quality of the picks is excellent even down to the engraved images on the handles. In the leather case they come with each pick has its own pocket and is set out perfectly.
Review via | 07.06.2017
Lovely picks, fantastic quality !!!!!!
Great picks, great company, fast delivery AAAAA++++
If your thinking about buying any multipick products then stop thinking and just buy them
Review via | 08.05.2017
Top Notch Set
This is my first experiance dealing with Multipick. Well I ordered this set, read and signed the agreement, Then began watching my order status. The order said it was pending. I started getting a little nervous because I thought my order wasn't getting sent. To my surprise my order came today. It took less than a week. So Multipick gets an A+ for prompness. So I had to take it out and try it right away. The tools themselves are top quality and very smooth to work with. This has to be one of the best sets I've work with if not the best. A++ rating all around.
Thank You
By eddie a. from Arizona, United States | 01.05.2017
Five Stars
The best picks on the market.
Review via | 01.04.2017
First class , top quality ..
saved hard for this set and cuffed I did , quality that will last a life time ..
Review via | 17.03.2017
Awesome set of picks
This 27 piece lock pick kit has all the main styles of picks for a beginner to learn how to become a professional locksmith. It comes with 15 top quality steel lock picks and tension wrenches to fit any type of keyway. All the picks and tension wrenches provide good feedback and doesn't cut into your fingers while picking. Great stuff.
By Dustin C. from California, United States | 14.03.2017
Excellent lock pick set
Awesome high quality lock-picking kit. Well worth the price paid and arrived on time. If you're interested in learning to lock picking, this is the kit to go for and goes a long way in solving lock problems. Excellent.
By Tyler N. from Alabama, United States | 12.03.2017
Great lock pick set
Received my set of picks today. The kit contains a great selection of super working lock picks of high quality. The workmanship is excellent, very smooth and feels great in the hand. Very pleased.
By Jerry M. from Illinois, United States | 07.03.2017
The Best Kit
After hearing all the hype I decided to purchase this awesome pick set from Multipick. Well, I must say this is the best lock pick kit ever to be produced. What else can I say…each & every pick is beautifully finished, great quality and attention to detail. Worth every penny spent.
By Michael A. from Australia | 08.02.2017
You can't beat it!
This set is awesome. Variety of picks to choose from. Very ergonomic feels good in the hand. The leather case itself worth the price!!
By Mihovil B. from Croatia | 27.01.2017
Love this lockpick kit
Absolutely a top class product at a top class price. You get what you pay for. Good quality item and great craftsmanship. The selection of picks and rakes work a treat. 5 stars and fully recommended.
By Oliver H. from New Zealand | 16.01.2017
Good quality lock pick toolkit
This is an awesome lock pick kit to own for anyone involved in lock picking. I do lock picking as a hobby and this kit is the best so far. Very sturdy material, perfect thickness and weight, comfortable to hold and excellent feedback. Good value for money and I personally recommend it to anyone who wants to have their picking skills extended.
By Matthew C. from Ontario, Canada | 02.01.2017
Amazing kit, well pleased
I just received my order from Multipick and I'm very pleased with the overall quality. This 27pcs. kit has all the necessary tools you need for lock picking. The assortment of picks, tension wrenches are just marvelous and well constructed. Workmanship is best I've seen so far. Love the stylish leather sleeve, it really is a beauty, everything fits perfectly. Great value for money.
By Jeff U. from New Jersey, United States | 19.12.2016
Outstanding lock pick kit
One of the best lock pick kits I’ve seen. Saw a video review of this kit but unfortunately could not find here in the United States, so ordered directly from Multipick-Service. Delivery was prompt, total amount paid $144.15. The kit itself is amazing, has many variations of tools, well constructed, very durable and comfortable to hold, definitely a professional kit. The stylish rollover case holds everything perfectly and made up of exceptional quality leather. Thoroughly recommended.
By Danny A. from Vermont, United States | 17.12.2016
Very good pick set
I bought this kit together with a Multipick Kronos and must say that this is a very solid pick set. The material quality is excellent. Perfect thickness no sharp edges and comfortable to hold. Very satisfied, will return again. Best regards, Avner from Tel Aviv
By Avner T. from Israel | 16.12.2016
Awesome product
Ordered this kit after seeing BosnianBills video review. Didn’t give much thought to shipping. Kit arrived here in Delaware within 4 days. I fully agree with Bill, this is an amazing pick set. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Good selection of picks, hardly missed anything. Perfect thickness. Leather case is outstanding, I can't even imagine how they sell for that amount. The only drawback is, this awesome kit is not available in the US, what a shame!!
By Robert D. from Delaware, United States | 15.12.2016
Good quality for the price
I bought this lock pick kit to learn how to pick locks for my profession as a handyman where I need to open different type of locks for people who have misplaced their keys. Kit contains a wide selection of picks, although some I'll probably never use. The picks are pretty well crafted & feels nice in the hand. The supplied leather case is great too. Recommended for any handyman like me. 5 stars.
By Alan S. from United Kingdom | 12.12.2016
High-quality professional kit
I like to share my experiences which I had thus far with the 27-piece professional lock picking set from "Multipick".
Shipping: The item arrived very quickly and was shipped directly from Multipick itself.
Packing: The item was shipped well packed, the picks were in a very high-quality leather case, which I believe was done in order to prevent damage during shipment.
Scope of delivery: 16 different lock picks, 11 tension tools, a high-quality leather case as well as a limited version of "Lockpicking like the professionals part 1 DVD".
First impression: The wide range of accessories are really tremendous and the kit looks fantastic at first sight, the manufacturing quality cannot be compared to low-priced beginner sets, thus this pick set is aimed at professionals or people with superior demands.
Processing: Where other sets are sharp-edged and poorly manufactured, this set is convincing : The individual picks sits comfortably in the hand, the handles are uniquely shaped. The Multipick leather case has very fine and neatly processed seams and also looks incredibly valuable. According to the manufacturer, each pick is a single piece and handmade at their factory in Bonn.
Lock Picking: I started some time ago with the topic of lock picking and learned a lot through forums and Youtube videos. Nevertheless, the accompanying DVD was very instructive. Since most Youtube tutorials are in English, the German introduction video to this hobby is very revealing and very valuable. The seller also offers the full double ​​DVD in other languages on their web-shop which I might also buy. I must admit that there is still a lot to learn.
I cannot say much about picking myself, except that the included picks are of high-quality. One of my cheap beginner sets has already decimated by half, because the material used was simply too inferior. Instead of buying cheap sets every 4 weeks, I prefer to invest in a decent set that will last a life time.
Conclusion: The price is as high as my expectations were and I must say that this set has completely fulfilled my wish in having a professional lock pick kit. A high-quality set with an outstanding production quality, which I certainly hope to enjoy for a long time. From me full 5 stars.
Review via | 13.07.2016
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