Training Cylinder Standard MK2  30/30
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Training Cylinder Standard MK2 30/30

Prod.Nr.: TCS-2V-BK-5 weight: 0,18 KG

 Product no longer available.

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One Cylinder – hundreds of possibilities!

Our new Training Cylinder generation


Our new standard Training Cylinder MK2 is fitted with headless screws instead of fix seal plugs. The advantage is the fast and individual change of the cylinder pins without having to laboriously disassemble the cylinder.


The Cylinder is cut on both sides and has a prepared standard pin combination.

Dimensions: 30/30 mm

Contains 1 Allen key 2mm


The cylinder in combination with the Centurion creates a perfect combination for professional training and design.

Fine precision engineering "Made in Germany" by ©Multipick


  • 1 Training Cylinder standard MK2
  • 1 Key
  • 1 Allen key 2mm
  • 1 adjusting screw for placement in the door
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Excellent learning tool
Great for understanding how Lock picking works, love it.
By Wayne S. from Australia | 07.05.2017
The best out there
Great tool to learn & practice lock picking. Very solid cylinder, beautiful machining. Good value for money.
By Jason D. from New York, United States | 29.01.2017
Super cool lock
Product as described. Great demonstration lock to fiddle with. Awesome youtube review.
By Emmett G. from Ireland | 27.01.2017
Great cutaway lock
Excellent cutaway training lock not only for europeans but also for all those who wish to learn lock picking. As mentioned by Bill awesome quality, beautifully machined. Works well with a thin pick and you can see exactly what is happening inside the lock. Absolutely beautiful.
By Ainsley J. from New Mexico, United States | 25.01.2017
A Must Have if You´re Serious
A Must Have if You\'re Serious about lock picking. Endless combinations and difficulties to test your skills and comes with a number of security pins too. Good quality machining and well built. New/replacement pins and springs available too which is obviously handy. Highly recommended.
Review via | 23.10.2016
Quality built and with good picks an excellent training lock. In any event it is very calming to fiddle with it whilst watching tv.
Review via | 07.10.2016
Five Stars
This is expensive but is the real deal.
Review via | 12.05.2016
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