Drill Bits

Drill bits - The right choice for a range of different materials

As a specialist trade supplier, Multipick offers an extensive assortment of drills for a range of different materials. Wood drills, metal drills, universal drills and special safe drills are just as important a feature of our range as drill templates for safes and cylinder locks.

Professional locksmiths value our wide range of first class metal drills in high-quality materials. Different opening techniques require different drills. Especially in the case of metal drills to be used on hardened steel, the quality depends not only on the drill bit but also on the shank of the drill. The shank transmits the right torque to the tip of the drill - the cutter.

This important feature of each drill guarantees the best cutting speed for a variety of materials.

Locksmith's drills in our GOLDCRAFT range made by the Keil company include safe drills and universal drills for the most demanding requirements.

Multipick also offers universal drill-bits with SDS plus technology.