Multipick ELITE 17 Pick set
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Multipick ELITE 17 Pick set


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Multipick ELITE 17 Pick set

Welcome to professional high class

  • The ultimate Lock-Pick Set in worldwide unrivaled High-Tech quality
  • Finest blades – ingenious spring steel – perfect finishing
  • High quality individual design - Perfection in every detail
  • 100% Made in Germany – By Multipick, of course

We invite you to test it! Give it a try!

Dimensions: 68 x 175 x 20 mm

Our ELITE picks are rust-free thanks to a special hardening and tempering process.

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  • 1 x ELITE Small Diamond - Pick (PN08)
  • 1 x ELITE DeForest Diamond - Pick (Hook Dental 2) (PN09)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 1 - Pick (PN06)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 2 - Pick (PN07)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 4 - Pick (PN04)
  • 1 x ELITE Ball - Pick (PN10)
  • 1 x ELITE Snowman - Pick (PN11)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 1 - Pick (PN13)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 3 - Pick (PN12)
  • 1 x ELITE Rake - Pick (PN15)
  • 1 x ELITE 6 Mountain - Pick (PN03)
  • 1 x ELITE Extractor (PN16)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 02
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 03
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 04
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 05
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 06
  • 1 x ELITE Real leather case with press button


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Five Stars
Nice set, well made.
Review via | 24.03.2017
Great kit
One of the best lock pick kits at this price point. Phenomenal quality of the picks and the 7 lock picks come in different shapes. Overall, a good kit to get you started. Recommended.
By Flynt J. from Utah, United States | 10.03.2017
Good pick kit
Outstanding lock picking kit. The picks themselves are well made, strong, sturdy and easy to manipulate. I’m overall satisfied with the kit and it’s a great kit to start off.
By Johan G. from Sweden | 09.02.2017
Just awesome
This pick set is just awesome! First I ordered a kit from a UK lock pick manufacturing bloke where I had to wait for almost two months for the kit to arrive - ABSURD!! and the kit itself is just ratshit, then after seeing a video review on a another multipick elite kits, I stumbled upon this kit. This kit is a ripper and you get everything you could ask for and more. Well polished, no rough edges, thickness, response, selection of picks… just fantastic!
By Liam D. from Australia | 15.01.2017
Fantastic semi-professional set
I recently became interested in lock picking and ordered this kit to improve my picking skills and this kit is fantastic! It has a good variety of picks and the case keeps everything in place neatly! I'm very impressed with the quality. Great for novice and intermediate locksmiths.
By Graham A. from United Kingdom | 14.12.2016
Very Good but not compleet
This is a very good and durabile product. I miss some or different tension tools and then it would be perfect.
By Vanheste V. from Belgium | 18.11.2016
The quality
is really good in comparison to the cheap Asian picks.
I only buy from Multipick.
A bit expensive, but as my aunt always says "I am too poor to buy cheap".
Review via | 15.11.2016
These really are of the finest quality
Exceptional quality. Expensive, but worth every penny. These really are of the finest quality.
Review via | 02.11.2016
Five Stars
Good quality products, always the best way.
Review via | 14.05.2016
THE pick set of my choice
About 6 months ago I started with lock picking and bought some "cheap sets" to begin with. Sadly, these sets were made out of low quality steel and they were too thick to work on European cylinders. Then on the other hand, the kit from Multipick is designed precisely for this purpose. The only thing I can say about this set is: Super quality and workmanship.
Review via | 16.04.2016
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