Spiral Opener ACE Mini - Set 2 pieces - Ø 1,25 mm
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Spiral Opener ACE Mini - Set 2 pieces - Ø 1,25 mm


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Opening-Set for single- and double-offset doors

Every locksmith knows the problem of closed double-offset doors. The new ACE spiral needles, made of high quality spring steel, allow the non-destructive opening of double-offset doors in most cases. The use is very simple: The tool is inserted in the narrow gap between door and frame by turning until it makes contact with the latch. Continued turning pushes back the latch. Usually this process does not cause any damages except a pierced sealing strip. Of course, the ACE-tools are very well suited for opening simple offset doors as well!

For very tightly engaging (closing) double and simple offset doors the ACE-Mini-Set (2 pieces) of only 1.25 mm needle-strength is especially suited.


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