Multipick-System in portable case - 24 Volt
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Multipick-System in portable case - 24 Volt

Prod.Nr.: 1002 weight: 4,70 KG

 Product no longer available.

The Multipick-System is the most professional and most powerful tool for the unlocking (picking) of modern security cylinder locks available on international markets. (We are willing to prove this anytime!). It is exactly the right tool for all those locksmiths, who want to offer better services to their customers and to whom the picking of different lock systems also presents a personal challenge.

The Multipick-System works with a special pick blade - inserted in the Multipick’s blade holder - which is entered into the keyway. This pick blade is then set into high-frequency vibrating motion (approx. 44,000 vibrations/min.). Using the right angle of attack, this high-frequency vibration is transmitted on the pin-tumblers within the cylinder lock. The vibrating pins level at shear line (i.e. at the top of the plug) freeing the plug for rotation, just as if a corresponding key had opened the lock. This process does not cause any kind of damage to the cylinder lock. The Multipick-System works effectively with most locking systems. Using the available accessories, it is even possible to open many, even exotic types of cylinder locks. The Multipick-System is especially efficient in emergency openings where the cylinder lock is protected by a cylinder protection plate. The tool usually also opens cylinders when a key is stuck in the lock on the other side of the door.

The Multipick-System is delivered in a hardcover plastic case (Article-No. 1002). The Multipick portable case allows safe storage of all system-components, while at the same time keeping them ready for use at any time. The Multipick System has been constructed and assembled for professional use and is almost indestructible! We grant a guarantee of 24 months on our high-end product.


The World’s best Electropick! The unlocking tool for professionals!

Included components:

  • 1 Hardcover plastic case with polystyrene Inlets
  • 1 Small plastic box with cover for accessories
  • 1 Large plastic box with cover for accessories
  • 1 Multipick handheld device incl. blade holder for flat pick blades
  • 1 24-volt rechargeable battery pack
  • 1 Electronically regulated 12-volt charger (protection against overcharging)
  • 1 3mm Allen key (for inserting blades into the blade holder)
  • 50 Pick blades "flat"
  • 2 Tension-tools
  • 2 Extra safety fuses
  • Online-Manual
  • Warranty certificate

The additional tools as shown on some of the product pictures are not included, but can be ordered separately. Please refer to list of components.


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