Multipick-Control in portable case - 24 Volt
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Multipick-Control in portable case - 24 Volt

Prod.Nr.: 1003 weight: 5,35 KG

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Our studies have shown that the optimal frequency of vibration needed to unlock cylinder locks vary from producer to producer. The reason for this is, among other things, that different producers use springs of different strength and pin tumblers of different weight in the production of their cylinder locks etc. (Physicists can surely explain this to you in the smallest detail!). Experienced Multipick-users solve this problem by a variable pulsing of the Multipick-button. In order to make the successful use of our Multipick-System, “foolproof” to even the most inexperienced beginner and in order to make the picking of very difficult locks of different producers easier, we developed our programmable Multipick-Control rechargeable battery-pack. Using the right frequency, the Multipick-Control will ideally open locks in a split second with a simple touch of the pick blade


Standard-Mode: Standard mode with high-speed performance (44,000 vibrations/min.)

Wobble-Mode: In this mode the frequency of the pick blade is constantly changing in ranges of 1/100 seconds. The switch times between frequencies are finely tuneable by the use of the control knob and are sure to make the pins dance the waltz ;-). This mode allows the picking of actually unpickable cylinder locks with extremely complicated pin sets

Saving-Mode: 8 saving slots (4 are pre-programmed with fixed frequencies) allow the saving of successfully used frequencies. The 4 slots available for programming, allow repeated saving of frequencies as desired by the user.

Manual-mode: Adjust the frequency seamlessly with the frequency control knob. The frequency to which the plug reacted will usually allow a quick opening of the lock. This optimal frequency can be stored using the save slots and then be used again for a repeated picking of the same type of locks.

Scan-mode: In Scan-Mode the MC automatically and systematically switches to all frequencies saved in the saving slots one after the other. The Scan-Mode can be interrupted at any moment to save the new optimal frequency.

High Capacity:The integration of new rechargeable cells of extra-high capacity provides the Multipick-Control with an even longer time of use, approx. + 4-5 hours

Included components:

  • 1 Hardcover plastic case with polystyrene Inlets
  • 1 Small plastic box with cover for accessories
  • 1 Multipick handheld device incl. blade holder for flat pick blades
  • 1 Multipick-Control - 24 volt (microprocessor-controlled rechargeable battery-pack)
  • 1 Electronically regulated charger (protection against overcharging)
  • 1 3mm Allen key (for inserting blades into the blade holder)
  • 50 Pick blades "flat"
  • 2 Tension-tools
  • 2 Extra safety fuses
  • Online-Manual
  • Warranty certificate

The additional tools as shown on some of the product pictures are not included, but can be ordered separately. Please refer to list of components. As each Multipick-Control is exclusively hand-made and individually tested, stock is relatively small which may extend times of delivery in some cases.


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