Multipick ELITE Super Lock Pick Set 37-pcs.
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Multipick ELITE Super Lock Pick Set 37-pcs.


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Multipick ELITE Super-Pick Set 37 pieces.

Multipick makes 2 in 1

Our 27 pcs. ELITE Pick Set  join hands with 10 ELITE Bogota Picks

Presently the largest Multipick lock pick kit with 26 high-quality picks and 11 tension wrenches packed in a genuine leather roll-up sleeve.

In this kit you get everything what a professional needs to open locks.  With that being said, you’re perfectly equipped to face any challenge.

Now including the new TOK tensioners SP-13, SP-14 and SP-15 for better picking!

26 ELITE Picks and 11 Tension wrenches are waiting to be put into operation. An excellent set which really deserves its name.
The ultimate lock pick kit in worldwide unrivaled high-tech quality
Finest blades - Superb spring steel - Unsurpassed workmanship
Customized high-quality design - Perfection down to the last detail
100% Made in Germany - by Multipick, of course.

In addition to the 16 different ELITE picks, there are now 10 different ELITE Bogota picks. With this we give all Bogota pick-lovers, beginners and advanced lock pickers to rake several pins at the same time. Further, padlocks and profile cylinders can be opened as well.

This extraordinary kit for professionals comes in a handy genuine soft leather roll-up case.

Dimensions: 95 x 150 x 30 mm

Don't just take our word for it - check it out for yourself!

Our Elite picks will not rust because they have been quenched and tempered by a special process.

Quality comes from Germany - by Multipick

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x ELITE Small Diamond - Pick (PN08)
  • 1 x ELITE Big Diamond - Pick (PN01)
  • 1 x ELITE DeForest Half Ball - Pick(HookDental 1) (PN02)
  • 1 x ELITE DeForest Diamond - Pick (Hook Dental 2) (PN09)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 1 - Pick (PN06)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 2 - Pick (PN07)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 3 - Pick (PN05)
  • 1 x ELITE Hook 4 - Pick (PN04)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 1 - Pick (PN13)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 2 - Pick (PN14)
  • 1 x ELITE Snake 3 - Pick (PN12)
  • 1 x ELITE Ball - Pick (PN10)
  • 1 x ELITE Snowman - Pick (PN11)
  • 1 x ELITE 6 Mountain - Pick (PN03)
  • 1 x ELITE Rake - Pick (PN15)
  • 1 x ELITE Extractor (PN16)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Single Pick (BOG01)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Double Pick (BOG02)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Triple Pick (BOG03)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Quad Pick (BOG04)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Sabana Pick (BOG05)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Monserrat (Fore) Pick (BOG06)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Monserrat (Aft) Pick (BOG07)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Reina 1 Pick (BOG08)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Reina 2 Pick (BOG09)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Rake Pick (BOG10)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 02
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 03
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 04
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 06
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 07
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 13
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 14
  • 1 x ELITE TOK Tension tool - 15
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-41
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-42
  • 1 x ELITE Small tension tool SP-43
  • 1 x ELITE high-quality genuine leather roll-up sleeve
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Professional grade pick kit
Received this pock kit today and within minutes I was opening locks very quickly. They are easy to hold and extremely strong. Definitely a great addition to my tool kit and will pay for itself in a very short time.
By Martyn M. from Ireland | 09.12.2020
I have some issues.....
Let me start by saying I am impressed by the extremely quick shipping and delivery to the US. I\'ve had many regional shipments take much longer to arrive. Excellent order fulfillment.
The picks are extremely well made and well finished. I don\'t think I\'ve seen higher quality from any manufacturer. I\'m hoping over time some of the more radical designs lend themselves to picking harder locks because they seem less than ideal to me right now.
The rakes especially have extremely high and sharp profiles. They seem to be less effective than some of my other branded picks with rounded profiles. The quality of the picks though is of the highest caliber.
The leather case is very nicely fitted with excellent stitching. The leather is very soft and of high quality. The felt inside is quite nice but it does attract a ton of dirt and grime.
My biggest complaint for a set of this quality is the terrible tension tool selection. In a set of this caliber I would expect much, much better tension tools. The TOK tools are probably the best of the bunch provided. The BOK tools are basically throwaway items it seems. They are very low quality compared to the quality I would expect at this price point. The selection of BOK tools is very small, all very thin, and all very flexible. Without quality tension tools the set is incomplete.
Maybe the set will grow on me now that I\'ve parted out my own quality tension tools but I wouldn\'t recommend it to anyone without some hesitation.
By Mark M. from Ohio, United States | 14.02.2020
I would deal with company again.
I like the quality and finish. I did not find any thing to dislike, well done
Review via | 06.02.2020
Highest Quality Possible!!!
As a Jeweler I love precision and I love tools. This set I consider to be a Jewelry in my collection of tools.
By Aslan G. from Estonia | 13.01.2020
Amazing pick set!!!
I have the Southord PX-14, basically I was entering into lock picking at the time. While amazing for beginners, they lacked due to thickness and unfinished. I'm a huge Bosnian Bill and Lock Picking Lawyer fan. I see Bosnian Bill use multiple picks in videos. I've seen his review on many Multipick products. I know from being a long time Bosnian Bill viewer, he never sells out. If I product is junk he would say so. He has talked about how Multipick has listen to the Tribe. Have made this kit even more amazing. So I picked it up, I can say it was worth every penny. They are a day and night difference from my entry level picks. I'm able to feel the pins alot better. They are amazing in finish. And way thinner than my entry level picks. Virtually I have everything I personally need for my skill level at this time and more. Maybe their are better out there, but I don't have a regret. I see why people have multiple sets. Next on my list is Multipicks slim picks for tighter key ways. Amazing job Multipick. You have a customer for life.
By Frank A. from Kentucky, United States | 13.08.2019
Amazing Set
As a newbie, I am thrilled to be growing into the capabilities this set provides. The quality, fit, and finish is impeccable. I also ordered the 23 tool slim Elite set, and I must issue a thank you to the Multipick team for working with me to remove duplicates and supplement in tools that neither super kits had. Now I have a super, super, super set of all of the elite tools made (minus the dimple elite master pick set, I\'ll be ordering that in a couple months)
By Michael S. from Missouri, United States | 31.05.2019
Great assortment of picks
Good variety of lock and bogota picks, excellent quality and a great value.
By Dave K. from Illinois, United States | 11.06.2018
Great set of picks and rakes
Awesome set and a great review by Bill. Thanks for the quick delivery.
By Chris J. from Iowa, United States | 27.02.2018
Five stars for a five star product
Kit has a large variety of wafer picks and rakes for various models of locks. Considering the wide selection of available tools, the price is pretty reasonable compared to other pick sets. The picks are very sturdy, has a smooth finish and provide an excellent feedback. The case that comes with it holds everything perfectly and is great quality. Good stuff!
By Kyle H. from Arizona, United States | 31.12.2017
Finest picks available anywhere
I own many lock picks of various design and brands, but these are the best I’ve ever found. Excellently constructed and has almost everything you need to pick or rake. If you have any picking skills you'll love these. Thanks for the prompt delivery.
By William C. from New Zealand | 28.12.2017
Recommended Lock Pick Set
Absolutely brilliant. It has just about everything you need to get you started. Contains the most commonly used picks and bogota rakes in a well made leather case. I recommend this kit for both beginners and the more experienced lock-picker, great value!
By Eddie R. from United Kingdom | 27.12.2017
Finest access tools
Excellent, well made, strong lock pick set. These are of the finest design and very well constructed. When I tried these picks and rakes I managed to open every lock I own in a few minutes and I believe this kit will serve for a very long time. I highly recommend these tools and thanks again for all the help.
By Jayden L. from Australia | 27.12.2017
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