Woody Classic Universal Rekeying Kits - 92 Sizes
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Woody Classic Universal Rekeying Kits - 92 Sizes


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We are very pleased to offer you this fantastic pinning set from LAB. The Woody Classic is already a true classic for locksmiths and lock-picking fans.

The set contains about 75 high-security pins of all sizes (sorry, but we didn't count...). Choose between .005 and.003 pin sizes (inches). According to LAB, this set is one of the most popular pinning kits ever produced. In this set, you will find the exact pins and springs you need for a multitude of different cylinders (including European models, of course). All in all, you have thousands of pins and springs at your disposal to pin your cylinders to your requirements.

This set is a universal-type kit with coloured pins to facilitate both the selection and identification of pins. The lid contains a number of pinning charts, covering the most common cylinder brands. This system has proven to be a reliable, fast and efficient way to detect cylinders of various types, and to re-pin them.

In addition, this amazing, beautifully crafted wooden box made from New England maple is a real eye-catcher. The wooden pull-out drawer offers ample space for a truly “large” universal set. Much too beautiful for carrying around. For mobile applications, we recommend the equivalent LAB metal boxes with similar contents.

Scope of delivery / Description:

  • 92 sizes with approx. 75 pins each per size
  • 2 spring sizes .115 long and .115 short (100 pieces each)
  • Top and Master Pins from .010 - .250 inch (0.25 - 6.35 mm)
  • Diameter: .150 - .360 inch (3.81 - 9.14 mm)
  • Maple wooden case 382 x 210 x 76 mm
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