Multipick ARES - Dimple lock opener
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Multipick ARES - Dimple lock opener


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The opening tool for many dimple pin-tumbler locks

Dimple cylinders are widely used and can be found in many residential doors. With the Multipick ARES Opening System, we have succeeded in creating a revolution in the field of tools for dimple pin-tumbler systems. A tool that offers countless possibilities to open almost any dimple cylinder reliably and quickly.


The supplied scale can be used for the most common types of drill recess cylinders. It serves as an aid for positioning the pick above a pin. Alternatively, you can palpate the pins freely and then position them with the pick.


With the Multipick ARES Opening System, you have all the options to build your own tool for opening dimple cylinders. With this set you will be able to open even difficult models. The basic module offers you the possibility to expand your system modularly.


In addition, you have the option to open more types of locks.


We are working specifically on new add-ons, such as new attachments for the safe opening and new variations for dimple pin cylinders. You can find all components of Dimple lock opener and accessories here.


Our ARES is made of high-quality aluminium with an anodised coating and a special steel alloy, which is used in all our products.


In order to achieve a smooth operation between the tensioning tool and the setting tool, a sliding sleeve has been integrated. Clear laser markings on the corresponding components ensure precise orientation during use. More control can be achieved by individually screwing the handles included in the scope of delivery into the basic module.


In each set there is a tool chart in card form for opening dimple and disc detainer locks.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Basic module
  • 1x Positioning ring grid scale (MPB-PRS-001)
  • 2x Turning handle-V2 (MOZ-GriffV2)
  • 1x Scale 3.1 (MOB-SK001)
  • 1x SDB-Pick 006-3,1 (MOB-P003)
  • 1x SDB-Pick 006-3,5 (MOB-P004)
  • 1x SDB-Pick 008-3,3 (MOB-P005)
  • 1x Key profile (MOB-D6X)
  • 1x Spring-loaded thrust piece M3
  • 1x Hex key 1.5 mm (21011)
  • 1x Hex key 2.0 mm (01145)
  • 1x Hinge box
  • 1x Plastic case
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