Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Blackline Edition + 10 by Multipick
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Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Blackline Edition + 10 by Multipick


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The Original Jackknife Pocket Pickset - Blackline Edition + 10 Extra Picks

Now with micro-magnetic blade fixation!


Small, handy and highly functional - The new Jackknife pocket pick set blackline edition from Multipick. We were able to develop this popular tool, designed with some essential characteristics and significantly improve its functionality and efficiency.

Thanks to the micro-magnetic blade fixation in the new 2018 model, it is no longer possible for the pick blades to slip out.

The new Jackknife pocket pick set fashioned in form of a Pocket Pen Knife is available in three different versions: Black, Red and Silver. An amazing look combined with extraordinary finishing makes it a special lockpick tool. This pick set is cut from an aluminum block, has been galvanized and repeatedly treated to a special micro-finishing. It is a real eye catcher and a great everyday carry lock pick kit, weighing just 26 gram when compared to other similar products from the USA, which are manufactured in low-wage countries like China. The different picks are made of German High-End spring steel of extreme hardness but still provide the necessary flexibility.

The German heavy-duty steel, which we use, is a highly hardened and tempered metal alloy, unique on the world market. To our knowledge, there is no other producer - other than Multipick, who uses such a high quality material for pick manufacturing.


All picks and the inbuilt tension tool have been fine-tuned to enable the picking of even narrow cylinder keyways. The blade is only 0.5 mm thick. The inbuilt tension tool may be removed and replaced with a light sliding movement; thus, making it a real tool to work with. The different pick versions are fixed with a knurled screw and guarantees a 100% safe hold. In addition to its very light weight, you also get a workable picking process with a very good feedback through the handle. The possibility of changing the picks in very short time is an added advantage to our new product design. You simply have to loosen the Allen screw (2 mm). With the optionally available single picks, you may select your own individual pick set. Whether for yourself, as a gift, for geocaching or for Special Forces of different sectors, the original Jackknife pocket pick set from Multipick is simply a safe and reliable companion for all situations.


The Jackknife pick set contains the following picks:

  • 1 x Diamant Pick
  • 1 x Hook Pick
  • 1 x Snake Pick
  • 1 x 6-Mountain Pick
  • 1 x Half ball Pick
  • 1 x Extractor
  • 1 x Special tension tool




  • length: 89 mm
  • maximal hight: 19.5 mm
  • Width: 6.6 mm


Weight: 0,026 kg


All in all a top quality tool, this will delight even professional Lockpickers.


  • 1x Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Blackline Edition by Multipick
  • 1x Big Diamond - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook Dental 1 (DeForest Half Ball) - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook Dental 2 (DeForest Diamond) - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 1 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 3 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 4 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Snake 2 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Snake 3 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Double Half Ball - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Rake - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Allen key 2 mm
  • 1x Steel cable with screw coupling
  • 1x Storage case with form inlay (110 x 75 x 15 mm)

We would be welcome to engrave your Jackknife pick set with your company logo or other. Your special production is already possible as from 1 piece.

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Very handy to have in your car or on you! ) A+
Excellent tool to have in your cars glovebox when you accidentally lock yourself out of the house one day in the future!
By Dmitry D. from Australia | 20.11.2021
Excellent handy tool
I love this tool, it is a very handy and useful tool to carry.
I would like a series of \'Top of the Keyway blades\', in different thicknesses that could be purchased to go in a blank took case as an additional tool too. So I can carry maybe 4 different tensioners on a different case as well.
By Anthony U. from United Kingdom | 02.12.2020
Excellent quality Jackknife
The quality is excellent and I like that you can change the picks and rakes to what you need
I also like that you can buy replacement parts if you break or lose anything
I would definitely recommend this set
By Wim B. from United Kingdom | 10.09.2020
Awesome everyday carry tool
Great tool, quality is much higher than expected. Good size and lots of different picks and can be carried easily in your pocket rather than the more bulky EDC kits. Well worth the money.
By Alex R. from Australia | 28.12.2017
Outstanding quality
Great little everyday carry that you can always have on you. Very well constructed and easy to use.
By Marty M. from Texas, United States | 26.12.2017
Amazing EDC Kit
Amazing EDC carry set, great value and comes with extra tips! Probably not for professional use, but definitely worth the buy if you're interested in lock picking!
By Bruce W. from Washington, United States | 17.10.2017
Nice and interesting
My best Christmas gift! Had lots of fun trying to pick locks & finally got through after watching some videos. Awesome! Espen
By Espen W. from Netherlands | 07.01.2017
very good, five stars
this is a nice pocket pick set. very good material and strong. my first purchase, i am very satisfied with this product will recommend to my friends.
By Balázs A. from Hungary | 28.12.2016
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