Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Redline Edition + 10 Tips
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Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Redline Edition + 10 Tips


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Prod.Nr.: MP3TMP2R weight: 0,05 KG

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The original Multipick jackknife pick set - small, handy, functional. We have further refined and improved our globally popular tool with new pick tips that you will only find here.

Always at hand: For instance, the letterbox key has been lost, or an emergency situation in which access to a locked object is required, or a geocaching tour that requires a locked container to be opened, then comes our TMP to the rescue. The casings of our TMPs are made from milled blocks of aluminium, which are anodised and finished with a special microfinish. A real eye-catcher with some clever functions and weighing just 26 grams. The individual picks are made of German high-grade steel, which is extremely tough but still offers the necessary flexibility. The milled metal body provides very high levels of torsional rigidity when picking locks.

All picks and the integrated tensioner have been modified for picking in particularly narrow keyways. The gauge of the picks measures 0.5 mm. The integrated tensioner can be removed with a slight push and reinserted again equally easily. The individual picks are locked in place using a knurled screw on the top of the tool. A secure hold of the picks is therefore 100% guaranteed. With a very low net weight, this results in a sensitive picking process with a very firm grip.

Another advantage of our development is the ability to change the pick tips within a very short time. All you have to do is loosen an Allen screw (2 mm).

With the optionally available pick tips, you can put together your own customised pick kits. Be it for yourself, as a gift, for geocaching or for emergency services in all kinds of sectors, the original jackknife pick set from Multipick is simply a safe companion for any situation.

This pocket knife pick set comes with the following picks:

• MP3TPN01 (Small Half Diamond)
• MP3TPN06 (Hook 2)
• MP3TPN09 (Snake 1)
• MP3TPN12 (Half Ball)
• MP3TPN14 (City Rake)
• MP3TPN16 (Extractor)

The following pick needles are included in this set:

• MP3TPN02 (Large Half Diamond)
• MP3TPN03 (Hook Dental 1)
• MP3TPN04 (Hook Dental 2)
• MP3TPN05 (Hook 1)
• MP3TPN07 (Hook 3)
• MP3TPN08 (Hook 4)
• MP3TPN10 (Snake 2)
• MP3TPN11 (Snake 3)
• MP3TPN13 (Double Half Ball)
• MP3TPN15 (Triple Peak Rake)


• Length: 89 mm
• Max. Height: 19.5 mm
• Width: 6.6 mm

Weight: 0.026 kg

Tip: For successful lock picking practice, our practice locks offer a wide range of options for learning lock picking and/or developing or improving your skills.

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  • 1x Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Redline Edition by Multipick
  • 1x Big Diamond - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook Dental 1 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook Dental 2 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 1 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 3 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Hook 4 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Snake 2 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Snake 3 - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Double Half Ball - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Rake - Pick blade for Jackknife set
  • 1x Allen key 2 mm
  • 1x Steel cable with screw coupling
  • 1x Storage case with form inlay (110 x 75 x 15 mm)

We would be welcome to engrave your Jackknife pick set with your company logo or other. Your special production is already possible as from 1 piece.

For more information, please contact our customer service at

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Excellent EDC
The care of machining and attention to detail are superb. It is very easy to change picks with an included Allen key and the removal of one screw. It also has a very nice selection of included picks.
By Ernest P. from United States | 02.08.2018
good jackknife
received this today and just opened an old padlock i had laying around without a key! very happy with this. solid product.
By Daniel S. from Virginia, United States | 23.12.2017
Nice pick set
Nice little tool, good quality and fast delivery, many thanks.
By Brian H. from United Kingdom | 27.12.2016
Very handy everyday carry
Well constructed and very compact pick set. Convenient & easy to carry, has a good selection of pick blades miss a knife though. Nice red colour too, reminds me of Magnum P.I. Great EDC. +++++
By Robin L. from United Kingdom | 19.12.2016
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