Multipick ELITE Bogota Pick Set 13-pcs.
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Multipick ELITE Bogota Pick Set 13-pcs.


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Multipick ELITE Bogota Pick Set 13 pieces.

Multipick goes Bogota

Welcome to the professional league


  • The ultimate Bogota lock pick set in high-tech quality unrivaled anywhere in the world.
  • Finest blades - Superb spring steel - Unsurpassed workmanship
  • Customized high-quality design - Perfection down to the last detail
  • Made 100% in Germany - by Multipick, of course.


We make 13 different, high-quality Bogota rakes and tension bars available to Bogota pick-lovers and for beginning and advanced lock pickers. They permit simultaneous raking of several pins. Padlocks and profile cylinders can be opened simultaneously. We deliver this pick set in a genuine leather case.

Dimensions: 68 x 175 x 20 mm

We invite you to test one for yourself!

Our Elite picks will not rust because they have been quenched and tempered by a special process.

German Quality - by Multipick


  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Single Pick (BOG01)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Double Pick (BOG02)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Triple Pick (BOG03)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Quad Pick (BOG04)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Sabana Pick (BOG05)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Monserrat (Fore) Pick (BOG06)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Monserrat (Aft) Pick (BOG07)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Reina 1 Pick (BOG07)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Reina 2 Pick (BOG07)
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Rake Pick (BOG10)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 02 (SP02)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 03 (SP03)
  • 1 x ELITE Tension tool - 04 (SP04)
  • 1 x High-quality genuine leather case
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Good quality.. I recommend!
By Diego Michel R. from Brazil | 03.12.2021
Great kit
No complaints, just excellent. Thank you.
By Thomas H. from New Hampshire, United States | 20.04.2018
Highly recommend
Very useful pick set for beginners. Contains many different hooks and rakes, already managed to rake open a couple of locks. Easy to hold - no strain whatsoever. Very satisfied!
By Hendrik E. from Netherlands | 20.02.2018
Excellent for training
Good product and good value for the money! This kit offers a variety of rakes for you to train yourself at lock picking. I'm happy with the buy.
By Jeff A. from California, United States | 16.02.2018
Starter bogota rakes n hooks
Awesome kit, well built, good to start out picking with. Recommend this to any beginner who wants to learn how to rake open locks.
By Richie T. from Australia | 19.01.2018
Quality bogota tools
Excellent bogota set, good quality picks. Already raked a few locks with these picks. Very pleased.
By Ashton R. from Florida, United States | 16.01.2018
brilliant bogota kit, excellent.
By Ian A. from Delaware, United States | 01.01.2018
Great set of bogota rakes
This 13 piece bogota pick set is a brilliant kit if you want to get into lock-picking. It comes with a good selection of picks and tension bars and is thin enough to fit most locks. Beautifully made, great feel and overall a great addition to any existing collection. Very satisfied.
By Clarke T. from United Kingdom | 27.12.2017
Best Bogota Kit on the Market
Another awesome product from Multipick. Amazing quality and an excellent selection of bogota rakes, delivered just in time for Christmas. Thank you.
By Timothy A. from Ohio, United States | 26.12.2017
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