Lockoff   Door Peephole Opener - Made in Germany
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Lockoff Door Peephole Opener - Made in Germany


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The New Door Peephole Opener Lockoff - Now Being Manufactured By Multipick

From now on, the door peephole opener LockOff will be manufactured by Multipick in superior Multipick quality.

However, we have kept the ingenious basic construction of the tool and simply reinforced the established weaknesses substantially. The Multipick LockOff has finally transitioned into a mature and durable tool, made in Germany.

Thanks to its sophisticated system, this high-quality lever tool allows the opening of locked doors, whether single or double-rebated. It is particularly effective for opening self-locking doors. In our opinion, this opening tool should be a “must have” component of in the professional equipment carried by emergency key services.

Before using this tool, you should find out which type of door handle is installed. Unfortunately, rotary door knobs are also not operable with this opening tool. First, the length of the LockOff  lever arm must be adjusted. To do this, it's necessary to re-adjust and fix the LockOff rod, adjusting it from the center of the peephole to a position in relation to its distance to the door handle. The angled lever arm rests on the inside door handle. The rubber stopper on its tip prevents damage in case it hits the door. The door handle can be operated by pressing on the outside arm. The calibration of the lever arm in front of the door is very important! If it's too short, the lever slips off the handle before it can be pressed down sufficiently. If it's too long, one cannot generate enough force to press the lever down. In case of misalignment, the inserted LockOff can easily be pulled out and re-adjusted. The door peephole can also be easily removed from the outside with the special cranked pliers; take care to prevent scratches when the pliers slide off onto the door panel. With the LockOff - Peephole Turbo-Helper developed by us, you can remove all standard door peepholes without causing any destructive damage, in no time at all. Simply clamp it into a drill or screwdriver and “unscrew” the peephole with the necessary counter-pressure.

Going forward, we will be offering a cost-effective modification, or repair  of your old LockOff. at a fixed price. All components with proven vulnerabilities will be replaced
by new Multipick components, giving you a more robust and durable tool, including free express return shipping.

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  • 1 x Original Multipick Lockoff – Door Peephole Opener
  • 1 x Allen Key 2.0 mm


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