Door Latch Pick Needle Set 4-piece
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Door Latch Pick Needle Set 4-piece


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This door latch pick needle set consists of 4 pre-shaped needles (Ø 1.5 mm).


  • 1 door latch pick needle for aluminium and metal doors
  • 1 door latch pick needle for aluminium and metal doors, extra long
  • 1 door latch pick needle for wooden doors
  • 1 door latch pick needle for old wooden doors
  • 1 Online-Manual


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Works perfectly
With a bit of practice, shockingly, I managed to open each room door in less than 2 seconds. If you cannot make it, then it means, either you have not seen the video, or you have used both your left hands and 5 thumbs :) However, it is strongly recommended to bend the wires at the end somewhat more straight to prevent scratches! By not bending, I scratched the inner edge of a wooden door. Just a tip: By rubbing a peanut I was able to get rid of the scratches.
After further tests, I discovered that it is imperative, depending on the door gap, to bend the ends slightly inwards. You just have to push the wire slightly outwards towards the door frame, then you will not scratch anything and will have a better pressure point at the door latch.
I always keep a wire with me, just in case I should lock myself out.
A clear purchase recommendation!
Review via | 24.03.2016
Highly recommended, saves money
Absolutely great, In the future we can save 50,00 € by depriving the services of a locksmith :-) The investment was really worthwhile, and at the same time not expensive at all. Highly recommended. Maybe, it would be great to watch some youtube video tutorials.
Review via | 09.06.2015
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