Door Latch Lever Wire Set - 2 pieces
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Door Latch Lever Wire Set - 2 pieces


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These uniquely shaped door latch levers enable quick entry through both inward and outward opening doors. The two piece set of Door Latch Lever Wires with ergonomically formed handles made out of strong synthetic material is extremely sturdy and allows the opening of closed but unlocked, single rebated doors. Engravings on the handle indicate the width of the angled wire (22 or 15 mm)and the appropriate side for doors mounted on the left or on the right (L or R). Once inserted between door and frame, slide the tool down to the latch and continue to slide the tool down while levering and the door will open. In the case of doors opening towards you insert the tool on the top with the tip pointing downwards. Here the idea is to get the tip behind the latch and push it towards you. In case you have difficulties inserting the tool because of a narrow gap between the door and frame, the Double Ended Lever will allow the widening of the gap easily.



  • Material: Sprin Steel Wire, Ø 3mm,

  • filed down to 2 mm

  • Black handle: 22 mm

  • Grey Handle: 15 mm
  • Contents:


  • 1 Door Latch Lever Wire Set - 2 pieces
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