Multipick ELITE Picks


When we started developing the ELITE PICKS, we only had one target: Construct the best picks which exist on the whole world market. A big target, which we already come very close to thanks to our experience and many tests.

Due to precise finishing in our manufactory each and every pick becomes an absolute experience – best steel with functional design. Adding to this the German engineers’ know-how we create something really Great – Multipick’s new ELITE PICKS. Even if it is not visible immediately, you will feel it. Equipped with the new ELITE PICKS you are ready for every lock picking mission.

The German heavy-duty steel which we use is a highly hardened and tempered metal alloy, unique on the world market. To our knowledge there is no other producer - a part of Multipick -, who uses such a high quality material for pick manufacturing.

Multipick is essentially committed to production of German high-end tools. We disapprove of cheap tools with minor to bad quality, partially produced in low wage countries under inhumane conditions. Multipick clearly speaks up for German high-class workmanship. Therefor our products are elaborately manufactured according to German quality standards.

We only guarantee for extraordinarily high material and manufacturing quality on Multipick labelled products! And since we are convinced by our ELITE PICKS, we give a 30 years‘ warranty on material and finishing on workmanlike use.

High-end material with perfectly functioning even after many missions - We do not sell steel scrap squeezed into shape, since we develop for the future.


Made in Germany - Made in Bonn

Multipick organizes each month from now a raffle among all sold ELITE picks and you may win three vouchers with a total value of 75.00 €. You simply have to check whether the drawn serial number is written on one of your picks. If this is the case, congratulations, you have just won a shopping voucher of 25.00 €. Now you simply send a picture of your ELITE pick by email with subject “Won“ to the following address: Don’t forget to send us your postal address! ;-)