Super Gun Plug Spinner
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Super Gun Plug Spinner


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The Super Gun Plug-Spinner is the strongest plug-flipper known to us. The degree of rotational tension applied can be adjusted very finely. The handle and the big trigger allow it to be very easily controlled andsimplifies the work while avoiding the jamming of the tool when pulling out. One example of the strengths of the Super Gun Plug-Spinner is the flipping of double-bolt or cross-bolt locks. In these and similar cases, flipping does not only mean turning the plug itself but also exerting a certain degree of mechanical force in order to move the bolts. The tool is also especially useful in car openings applying picking techniques (e.g. in the case of BMW, Daimler-Chrysler), because here the lock must be picked in the locking direction and then must be flipped into the unlocking direction very quickly. Another advantage is the easily interchangeable blades of the tool.



  • Super Gun Plug-Spinner

  • Straight Blade

  • Bent Blade

  • 2 Hollow Hex Keys

  • Instruction Manual
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