SPK: Slider percussion keys

In addition to our "conventional" bump keys we are now offering our newly developed “Slider Percussion Keys“. These special bump keys have been developed, because the producers of cylinders are now using variations in the construction of even their standard cylinders. While the key profile and the distances between the pins remain the same, there now exist variations in the distance from the “face” of the cylinder to the first pin, the strengths of the used springs, pin shapes and other measurements and characteristics. When developing our conventional bump keys we had to consider all these differences and create keys that would allow the successful manipulation of the widest range of cylinders possible. - This resulted in keys that can be used successfully on most cylinders but will make the opening of some cylinders of a certain type more difficult than necessary. For experienced users this did not present a problem. As not every user is willing and able to invest a great amount of training, though, we simplified the handling of bump keys by creating a new technique.

The bump keys from our “Slider Percussion” series are perfect complements to our existing line of traditional bump keys. A slight variation of the new opening technique used for our “Slider Percussion Keys“ allows even the manipulation of cylinders that were almost impossible to open with the bumping technique until now, especially some dimple pin cylinders.

Our especially prepared and cut Slider Percussion Keys can be used in two ways - with either spring or rubber buffers. The buffer cushioning allows fine tuning the keys to the cylinder in question and basically slows the bump key down so that it may develop its ultimate effectiveness on the pins at the critical and optimal position inside the keyway; for this reason we called them “Slider” Percussion Keys.

Using conventional bump keys it is often necessary to use varying bumping and rotation techniques to successfully open a cylinder, something that requires a great amount of training. With our new Slider Percussion Keys it is only necessary to vary the strength of the bumps/strikes and the amount of cushioning. Generally this technique also requires less forceful strikes.

In practice the Slider Percussion Keys are used in the following way: After choosing the correct key for the lock in question, place either spring or rubber buffers of different strengths at the back, touching the key handle. Using our Flex-Hammer I, now start bumping, applying first light and then increasingly stronger blows. Varying the cushion strengths and the strength of blows the cylinder will eventually open almost “automatically“.

For beginners starting to practice this technique we recommend our Tension-Wire (Art.-No 33921).