Perfect Protect Laser 230x2, 6x22,23 DIA
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Perfect Protect Laser 230x2, 6x22,23 DIA


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Prod.Nr.: 4230234-100 weight: 0,71 KG



The new Perfect Protect is an all-round product, to cut through concrete, armed concrete, bricks and general construction materials. The laser welded diamante cutting disc enables comfortable work, without renouncing efficiency.  One obtains a perceptible vibration and noise reduction in combination with an extraordinary cutting speed thanks a precision stem-and-leaf in sandwich construction. Work gets more comfortable with a lower noise level, even for the colleagues and passer-by.

Special Features:

Very good idle time thanks to 10 mm segment

Conceived for 6.600 rpm

High security thanks to the laser welding

Reduction of noise and vibration

Available in diameters 115 mm, 125 mm, 230 mm and 300 mm.



  • 1 Perfect Protect Laser diamante cutting disc - 230x2, 6x22,23 DIA
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