Multipick ELITE Bogota Pick Set 7 pieces
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Multipick ELITE Bogota Pick Set 7 pieces


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This seven-piece ELITE Bogota pick set is equipped with a small selection of high-quality Bogota rakes and tension wrenches. With this compact Bogota kit, we provide five picks and 2 wrenches to beginner lock-pickers, as well advanced lock-pickers, for simultaneous raking of several pins. Profile cylinders, as well as padlocks, can be opened. For storage, a high-quality stylish genuine leather case is provided.

Dimensions: 52 x 145 x 14 mm


  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Double Pick
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Triple Pick
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Quad Pick
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Reina 2 Pick
  • 1 x ELITE Bogota Rake Pick
  • 1 x ELITE Tension Wrench - 02
  • 1 x ELITE Tension Wrench - 04
  • 1 x High-quality genuine leather case


Great for beginners
Nice set of bogota lockpicks for beginners. Good quality picks, excellent price.
By Pete W. from Ontario, Canada | 05.06.2018
Very fine quality bogota set
After seeing the video, I decided to buy this bogota rakes as I wanted to learn lock picking as a sport. Well, I didn’t have to learn much! I managed to open some padlocks in a matter of some minutes. I always thought lock picking was difficult but with this kit it seems to be an easy task. Pros: Excellent quality. Cons: None.
By Josh H. from Michigan, United States | 16.04.2018
Superior Product
Great inexpensive lock pick set. Fully worth the price, excellent quality rakes and good feedback.
By Ted S. from North Dakota, United States | 13.04.2018
Useful kit for a beginner
Solid product with an excellent selection of bogota rakes. Good choice for beginners and to learn picking. Helped me to improve my lock picking skills.
By Bastian A. from Denmark | 02.04.2018
Solid bogota rakes
These bogota picks are a great value. The metal is good quality, the picks are well finished and strong. For the money you can't beat these rakes.
By Mark R. from Tennessee, United States | 31.03.2018
Nice kit
Great affordable beginner kit. Very well made & of excellent quality. Love it.
By Jeff H. from Kansas, United States | 29.03.2018
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