Multipick MHP II PLUS Electric Pick Gun
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Multipick MHP II PLUS Electric Pick Gun

Prod.Nr.: 11081 weight: 0,88 KG

 Product no longer available.

Multipick MHP II PLUS - Developed by Professionals for Professionals.

Locked door cylinder locks were yesterday; today, there’s the MHP II PLUS.

In our newest electric lock pick gun, all of the positive properties of the prior model have been combined with all of the future possibilities for know-how that a professional e-pick has to have.

Thanks to the microprocessor-guided power electronics in the MHP II PLUS, which simultaneously take control over the high-performance rechargeable batteries, making it possible to achieve enormously high power output.  That accounts, among other things, for a pronounced reduction in the start-up time of the electric motor. This short start-up time before reaching maximum rpm is the decisive factor in achieving a high probability of getting locks opened when picking.

Alongside its extremely powerful motor, a very finely adjustable stroke setting of 1 - 4 mm awaits you. It can be adapted precisely to your needs. Because of its very compact construction, the device is easy to handle and space-saving and weighs no more than 270 grams (8.9 troy ounces). One additional positive feature is the noise-suppressing housing of the MHP II PLUS that distinguishes it from the electric picks of other manufacturers.

With its latest pulse function, both handling and the probability of success were improved decisively. This function was specifically tested on all current locking cylinders. To activate it, the operating button must be pressed and held while the battery is being inserted.

The MHP II PLUS shows its superiority when used in combination with the first ATT electric spanner  which is still unique on the market and can likewise be purchased from our shop. (Product No.: ESP-ATT).

The modern Li-ion battery can be changed without a tool in less than 5 seconds. Thanks to its patented quick-release lock, you will have practically no downtime and you can continue to work with the second battery without delay.

Further, the light housing of the Multipick MHP II PLUS is milled out of a single piece of aluminum and anodized. In order to prevent scratching, two rubber rings are recessed into the housing. All of the individual components in this high-tech electric lock pick gun are of high quality and represent the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Key benefits of the Multipick MHP II PLUS at a glance:

  • Considerable reduction of the starting time of the electric motor
  • The latest microprocessor-controlled power electronics ensure an extremely high power output of the battery
  • Very high opening probability due to additional pulse function
  • Best opening results in combination with the ATT electric spanner
  • Highly compact design
  • Extremely powerful
  • Precise and high-quality fine mechanics
  • Handy and space-saving (excellent ergonomics)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Noise-suppressed (significant difference to convensional e-picks)
  • Self-locking adjusting screw (adjustable amplitude deflection during use)
  • 2 rubber rings to protect the  E-Pick from scratches
  • Developed and Manufactured: MADE IN GERMANY
  • 2 year warranty


Technical Data:

  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 170mm
  • Anodized housing
  • Li-Ion 3.6V / 2250mAH / 4C
  • Needle deflection precisely adjustable from 1 to 4 mm at the needle chuck
  • Idle speed 22.000
  • Weight with batteries 270 gr.


  • 1 Multipick MHP II PLUS
  • 4 Straight pick needles
  • 1 Storage case with foam inserts
  • 1 Ultra-compact - electronically controlled quick charger 110-230 Volt
  • 2 High-performance Li-ion batteries
  • 1 Car charging adapter
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 Online user manual
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