This electric lock pick combines all qualities necessary for a professional electric pick. Where other electric picks give up, the Multipick MHP II PLUS just gets started. Its extremely strong engine is especially adapted for the requirements of a powerful electric pick. The extremely fine adjustment of the needle’s lifting of 1 to 4 mm allows you to adapt it exactly to your needs. Thanks to its very compact construction the pick is handy, needs only a minimum of space and is very light with its 270 g.

Another advantage is the noise dampened body of the Multipick MHP II PLUS, which distinguishes it significantly from its fellow e-picks. You can change the modern Li-Ions battery in less than five seconds without any tools. Thanks to the patented quick locking lid you don’t lose time and you can continue working without slowdown on the second battery. The Multipick MHP’s light body is cut of one-piece aluminium and anodised. To avoid scratches the body is surrounded by two rubber rings. All parts mounted in this high-tech,state of the art electric pick are of the highest quality.