Multipick ELITE Picks


During the design and manufacturing phase of the ELITE PICKS, we had just one aim: to develop the most outstanding picks and first of its kind on the international scale. This is a major task, one which we have almost achieved on account of our extensive expertise and numerous tests.

Due to precise finishing in our manufacturing process, each and every pick becomes an absolute experience – best steel with functional design. In addition to the expertise of our skilled German engineers, we have designed an amazing product - the new ELITE PICKS and Top of Keyway Tensioners (TOK). Regardless of the fact that it isn't obvious at first, you are bound to be reassured of its capabilities. Getting the Multipick's latest ELITE PICKS means you are prepared to perform any lock picking task.

The German heavy-duty steel, which we use, is a highly hardened and tempered metal alloy, unique on the world market. To our knowledge there is no other producer - apart from Multipick -, who uses such a high quality material for pick manufacturing.

Multipick is essentially committed to the production of German high-end tools. We disapprove of cheap tools with inferior quality, partially produced in low wage countries under inhumane conditions. Multipick clearly speak for German high-class workmanship. Therefore our products are elaborately manufactured according to German quality standards.

We only guarantee the use of extraordinarily high quality material and ideal manufacturing standards on Multipick labelled products! Furthermore, since we stand by our products, the ELITE PICKS comes with warranty coverage of 30 years on material and finishing on workmanlike usage.

Top-notch products combined with high-end material and perfect functioning, even after performing many tasks - What we offer you is not crappy steel moulded into shape, as we aim to stay at the top for many years to come.


Made in Germany - Made in Bonn

Multipick organizes each month from now a raffle among all sold ELITE picks and you may win three vouchers with a total value of 75.00 €. You simply have to check whether the drawn serial number is written on one of your picks. If this is the case, congratulations, you have just won a shopping voucher of 25.00 €. Now you simply send a picture of your ELITE pick by email with subject “Won“ to the following address: Don’t forget to send us your postal address! ;-)