Simple Bump Keys - Lock Bumping

Our Bump Keys allow the fast and non-destructive opening of many different cylinder locks. Necessary: A suited Bump Key for the lock to be opened.

How do Bump Keys work?
The Bump Key is inserted into the keyway just like a normal key. The specially designed key cuts are then positioned just in front of the individual inner pins. By slight blows, i.e. rather a slight knocking, with a suited object (like for example our Flex-Hammers), the Bump Key is then driven further into the keyway. The fast blows of the sides of the key cuts onto the pins cause the pins to be driven into their channels very rapidly.

If the correct amount of tension is exerted delicately with the Bump Key onto the plug, i.e. by slightly turning the power key into the direction the plug is to be rotated, the cylinder can be unlocked. In this process the correct timing of blows and simultaneous exertion of tension with the key is the most important factor. This timing has to be learned. Usually multiple blows are necessary to unlock the cylinder.

To clarify everything once again: The short blows should rather be a slight „knocking" onto the Bump Keys, while the exerted tension should rather be a very slight and minimal turning in the desired direction. The technique does not cause any kind of damage at all and is very quiet in practical use.

With the necessary feeling for the tool and sufficient training the chances of success are overwhelming! Our training DVD (in German) may also help you greatly in learning this technique.

Due to custom-made item bumb keys are principally not returnable!